Fabulous same-sex wedding trends in 2018 by Jasmine Anderson

Weddings are a time in your life when you celebrate your love and share the overwhelming emotions with your friend and family. That is why everything about your wedding day should be intertwined with your and your partner’s personality. The personal details are essential for an amazing wedding but you should also know all about the hot new wedding trends and maybe, well, let’s say borrow some of the ides.
The unspoken rule is that same-sex weddings set the trends that others tend to follow while planning their own fabulous wedding. Here are some LGBTQ approved wedding trends for 2018.

Personalize the basic outlines of a traditional wedding

Planning a wedding can be a complex process that involves a lot of stress, but if you start planning on time, you’ll be one of those lucky couples that have enough time to add the little, personalized details to their wedding day ceremony, whether being involved with the decoration, catering, clothes, or venue. So simply take basic outlines of a traditional wedding as a starting point, and work from there. Add a lot of glitter and gayness and voila! You can call yourself a same-sex wedding trendsetter!

A wedding… party?

Opt for an after-party celebration after the ceremony! The 19 percent of same-sex couples opt for an after-party celebration for their wedding in comparison to just 6 percent of straight couples. Well, if the numbers say it’s trendy – it must be! So after the ceremony organize an awesome evening wedding party that lasts all night long for all the party-loving couples out there. If you love to dance, show off your dance floor moves with your loved one and make everyone jealous of your dancing skills!

Avoid the traditional bridal party

Skip the bridal party and spend the night before the wedding on a romantic dinner with your spouse to be. Same-sex couples tend to add more of their own flavor not only to the ceremony itself but also to the bridal party and other traditional parts of a wedding. Why on Earth do you need a bridal party when you can make an unforgettable celebration party after the ceremony to share your love with your friends and family? Keep the last night of your single life for something truly romantic! Maybe even get away on a romantic weekend before the wedding and explore charming Paris, the city of love and romance!

Destination weddings and honeymoons

Many LGBTQ couples choose to avoid all the hustle and bustle around wedding planning and simply elope to their favorite destination. The trend that is gaining popularity lately is elopement with the closest friends and nearest family that turns into a honeymoon/vacation! Opt for a beach wedding in Australia, or getting married in NSW and you will have plenty of time to explore the stunning land down under with your loving friends and family members. Or travel to Hawaii and celebrate you gayness for life in a beautiful traditional Mauian wedding ceremony. Simply choose a destination, call your friends and start your adventure!

Walk down the aisle

Many same-sex couples choose to walk down the aisle together instead of being accompanied by a family member. That is also a huge trend with a true moral behind the story! You are showing the world that you don’t want to play by the rules of any kind, you simply want to celebrate your love and uniqueness the way you think it’s the best!

Keeping the last name as-is

Modern same-sex couples actually don’t have an easy decision when it comes to changing the last name. Unlike most brides who change theirs to match their new husband’s last name, same-sex couples opt for leaving their names as they are. Not only that is another small rebellion against tradition but also they are aware that they don’t need to belong to another person and have a written proof of it.
Unfortunately, sometimes the same-sex couples are forced to leave their names as they are if they reside in a state that doesn’t recognize their marriage. Also, there are couples who still want to change their last names and love the feeling of belonging to someone but the stats show that only 38 percent of same-sex couples do so.

Unique wedding attire

The best part about same-sex weddings it the wedding attire. Since gays don’t have as many conventions to lean on as others, they can truly show their uniqueness and personality through their outfits. So, you can pretty much choose whatever you want, two white wedding gowns for girls, two suits for guys or well, mix it up a bit. Make a bridal dress code – inspire your guests to wear Harry Styles inspired suits and make your wedding party the best one ever!

Well, let’s face it – LGBTQ couples actually do have the best innovative wedding trends! Take inspiration in these examples for your own wedding, whether it’s same sex or whatever. It is all about the love – make it memorable, make it fun, make it shiny!

Jasmine Anderson is a lifestyle and beauty blogger and an incurable daydreamer. She loves makeup, lavender lemonade and her two cats.