„Fabulous Christmas Gifts for Your BFF“ by Peter Minkoff

paola-chaaya-181635Buying a present is never an easy job. Even if you’re buying for your female friend or girlfriend, it can be
extremely difficult to choose something from a plethora of items she would want or need. Also, imagine buying something for your male friend or boyfriend – the whole process can be ten times more difficult because you need to know what the things he likes to wear are, what things he is into. You cannot simply go with a cosmetic product either since choosing one for a guy could be quite tricky. Anyways, Christmas is just around the corner, which means you simply have to get something for your guy. Take a look at these 5 tips for perfect male-oriented Christmas presents, which will definitely help you choose the right gift.

Adidas sneakers

ben-o-sullivan-382817Getting your BFF sneakers is always a good choice since you can easily determine his favourite type and style of footwear. The best solution would be Adidas sneakers since this company really tries to include every style in their collections. Adidas has established itself on the very top of the sports equipment and shoes lists, for a very good reason. Its logo is something that catches everyone’s eye – it’s simple, minimalistic and very cool. As far as Adidas sneakers are concerned, you can choose between a hundred of different models, ranging from hi-tops to lows and slip-ons. If you were to choose this gift for your BFF – the best option would be the classic Adidas Superstars which are incredibly trendy right now and can be used in both casual and formal occasions (of course if correctly paired with the outfit).

Bazgir & Veljkovic beard oil

bazgir veljkovic beard oil2017 was definitely the year of beards. However, in the whole sea of beards we were swimming in this year, many of them were quite unattended and disgusting to look at. If your BFF is a fan of facial hair and tends to let it grow long, getting him a good beard oil might sound like a great idea. First of all, it is something he definitely needs and secondly, it’s not a very common present idea so you can be sure that your gift will be quite unique. The best beard oil out there currently is the Swedish Bazgir & Veljkovic beard oil. You can choose between beard balm and beard oil, or, if you want to add something more, you can also go with a moisturising beard cream.

Clarins moisturizer

clarins skincare productsSkincare is not only important for women. However, even though most of them try to use skincare products, many of them tend to choose the wrong moisturizers. If you happen to know that your BFF doesn’t invest in proper skincare, getting him a good moisturizer, for example, the Clarins moisturizer might sound like a good idea. He will definitely be using it, and you’ll be happy to know that you got him a high-quality skincare product, so, mission accomplished.

Puma x KjøBenhavn jacket

puma-han-kjobenhavnIf you really, really want to get your BFF something special, a jacket is a perfect thing. The popular sporting brand Puma has collaborated with a high-end streetwear brand Han Kjøbenhavn from Denmark and made something incredible. Since these represent the fusion between sports and fashion, the Puma x Han KjøBenhavn jacket might seem like a perfect gift for your BFF. It doesn’t matter if he’s sporty or casual – by getting this one you’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

Bluebuck briefs

Bluebuck underwear campaign shoot.  Scotland, Summer 2010.  Model: Andrew Ramming

Bluebuck underwear campaign shoot.
Scotland, Summer 2010. Model: Andrew Ramming


Last but not least, getting briefs for Christmas can be super cute, and probably something that men tend to forget to buy for themselves. Also, there’s never enough underwear, right?! If you opt for this, make sure to get something organic – because why not if you have the chance to? The Bluebuck briefs, for example, are everything you want – they are organic, made from 100% cotton, high-quality and very, very nice. There’s also another reason why you should get briefs for your BFF for Christmas – if he’s buff and extremely handsome, you can always ask him to put them on so that you could see if they fit well!

Getting something from this list will definitely both save your time and make your BFF happy and satisfied. Hope you’ll make the right choice. Good luck!

Peter Minkoff