ES Collection New Swimwear Campaign: BLAU


We are delighted to present our new 2018 swimwear collection where we want to transmit once again the color, the joy of living and the enthusiasm of summer. For 2018 we have chosen Formentera as the unique stage to develop our most important campaign of the year. It has been the intensity of the blue color of the waters of this beautiful island that has given name to a jovial and colorful collection where the quality of fabrics and innovative cuts once again mark the character of the collection. BLAU, blue in Catalan, is the name of our 2018 swimwear collection, where for the second consecutive year we present garments for both men and women.

Intense blues and reds, floral prints as well as the glitch trend, a kind of visual „error“ which brings a digital touch to the garments, obtaining as a result a very present day vision of tropical prints. We do not forget the basics, where we developed new simple garments of very current and elegant cuts.