Erike – Infrared Beam – Official Video

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Erike is an artist who has a truly focussed vision of how he wants to communicate with his audiences. Having grown up in London, his message to working class people of all races and ages is to be true to themselves and the genuine friends around them. This message of believing in yourself and those who stick by you through thick and thin, is reflected not only in his lyrics but only in his latest video to his track “Infrared Beam”. Shunning the obvious route, Erike has filmed his video in the wilds of Scotland, showing his single-mindedness and unwillingness to conform with the habits which drive many of his age to crime.

Erike Sparks’ sound is entirely self-produced, utilising unique beats and sounds from different cultures around the world and taking influence from everyone from Giggs to Michael Jackson. Determined to be a rap artist from an early age, what sets Erike apart is his constant search for new sounds to incorporate into his work and to be an innovator, not a follower. Erike is in it for the long game. Erike’s philosophy is best summed up by the man himself:

“I would rather have a few friends that I can trust than have a million friends who mean nothing to me. The three big things you should look for in a friend is honesty, loyalty, and respect”.