Ensure Your Patients to Feel at Ease in Your Dental Clinic with a Proper Design by Alison Pearson


Issues regarding one’s health are always a stressful matter. Nowhere is this as prominent as in dental healthcare. Lots of people fear dentists, seeing as how they associate them with painful procedures of fixing teeth. However, there’s no denying that dentists are necessary. So, how do people choose dentists? They either go for the most skilled ones or the ones that they feel the most comfortable around. A big part of this comfort goes to the layout, setup, and design of their clinic. Here are several tips on how this crucial aspect of running a dental clinic can be improved to everyone’s benefit.

Recognize key points

The first thing worth bearing in mind is the importance of recognizing that the healthcare space receives three types of visitors. One of them is the patients. The other is the personnel such as cleaners, administrative workers, and receptionists. And finally, you have doctors. It is pivotal that all three of these groups have appropriate conditions for work and that space is optimized for them. This involves comfort, hygiene, and overall working conditions. Remember that healthcare is a field like no other, which is why much more can be at stake.

Segment the area properly

The next thing you need to do is a proper segmentation of the space in question. First, you need a waiting room and also one more service room, depending on the number of dentists in your employ. Second, you need an area for administrative activities. Keeping everything in one place doesn’t make that good of an impression. For the reasons of hygiene, you should also separate toilets for staff and patients. In some scenarios, a well-organized storage room can make all the difference in the world.

Adequate equipment

Another thing worth keeping in mind is the importance of proper equipment. While the majority of patients are laymen, they’ve had enough interactions with the healthcare system in their lifetime to recognize a professional dental clinic design. Even if they haven’t, the TV shows revolving around healthcare are all the rage in the past several decades. In other words, they have the expectations that you have to fulfill for them to feel at ease. Having quality equipment in pristine condition is another thing worth keeping in mind.

The reception area and the waiting room

When it comes to the area in which the patients spend the most time, nothing beats the waiting room. Still, in almost all of the dental clinics, a reception area and the waiting room are a joint space. So, start by planning the layout. The reception area should be in the location facing the entrance, ideally with a view of the entire room. As for the waiting area, there are two major focus points – comfort and entertainment. Both are pivotal for putting the patient’s mind at ease. Adding some brochure holders and filling them with useful brochures is also a good idea.


Lastly, the visible hygiene of the place is paramount for the ease that your patients feel in your dental clinic. The thing is that visible signs of dust, while not a crucial health threat, still are a symbol that conditions in the clinic are not ideal; not sterile enough. This alone may put your patients in a state of discomfort. Even without the fact that the lack of hygiene is a major healthcare offense, from the standpoint of a business, it could make you lose a lot of potential patients. Therefore, upkeeping hygiene and going for materials and design solutions that make cleaning easier are paramount.

In conclusion

In the end, it’s important to mention that there are no hard rules regarding the design. It means that you have the freedom to customize your clinic as you see fit, as long as it fits certain criteria. The place needs to be bright and well-organized. Different areas need to be properly segmented. Hygiene and comfort are paramount but patients are there for skill, knowledge, and professionalism. Lastly, the importance of entertainment (in form of a waiting room screen or some brochures) shouldn’t be ignored either. By making all of this come together, you will definitely make a difference for your patients.

Author biography:

Alison Pearson is an interior design student. She is a writer and a designer. Her ultimate passion is designing. She is a bibliophile and her favorite book is “The Sound and the Fury” by William Faulkner.