Elohim releases DENM remix of „Panic Attacks,“

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Of the remix, Elohim describes, “I was excited when I heard this remix. It kept the integrity of the song but added a new energy and a beautiful drop you can dance all your anxiety out to. It’s been great performing this live especially at festivals. The emotion behind the lyrics is still there but now there’s this incredible release you can move your body to and feel free.” 

DENM adds„I remember hearing this song in the studio back before it was even out and absolutely loving it. When I was asked to do a remix i was so amped up about it. it’s such a simple and beautiful song so as a producer I just got hyped about all the endless possibIlities I could take the direction of the song sonically. I decided to make a dance song that makes you feel like you’re in a yacht having the time of your life haha. Wavy chords, lots of percussion and a beat that makes you wanna groove.“

Elohim’s self-titled debut album, Elohim, was released April 28 via BMG and is available everywhere now here. The album release is the pinnacle of a whirlwind year dotted with original releases and collaborations alongside extensive touring, catapulting Elohim to new heights among the top breakout artists of the year.