Ebb and Flow – New Story from Ricardo Muñiz

TMM Ebb and Flow featuring Joey Priolo by Ricardo Muniz 02

For this dirty little shoot, photographer Ricardo Muñiz dragged blue-eyed Italian-American model Joey Priolo to the isolated salt marshes of New York City hidden on the edges of the Bronx near Orchard Beach. This is how the story, EBB and FLOW, was born. Watch as poor Joey wrangles through the mud trying to reach the water that the tide has taken away.

Joey is 28 years old. He started modeling rather late after hearing nonstop jokes about how he needed to show off his muscles. After years of saying „yeah-yeah“ to his fellow post office colleagues, Joey finally got the nerve and posed for his first session. After just one shoot, he was hooked, and he’s done nearly two dozen shoots in only a few months.

TMM Ebb and Flow featuring Joey Priolo by Ricardo Muniz 05
For this shoot with Ricardo Muñiz, Joey got down and dirty in the low tides of the Twin Island salt marshes of the Bronx. In these shots, you can see where his daily calisthenics work-out pays off–simple push-ups and pull-ups, dips and squats, and sprints are all Joey needs to keep toned and fit.

By Joey’s current physique, you wouldn’t guess he was an overweight teenager who stayed home to eat spaghetti with bacon and hot sauce while playing Warcraft. Today, Joey finds adventure doing extreme sports like skydiving and rock climbing.

TMM Ebb and Flow featuring Joey Priolo by Ricardo Muniz 04
‚My favorite quote,‘ Joey says, ‚is the saying, ‚This, too, shall pass,‘ because it teaches you that you need to embrace the moment and appreciate when times are good because it won’t last forever.'“

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Photographer: Ricardo Muñiz
Instagram: @coquichuloimages and @chulounderwear
Model: Joseph „Joey“ Priolo
Instagram: @the_real_silent

Model Mayhem: www.modelmayhem.com/4026888