Easiest Ways to Make Your Gay Pride Outfits Unique

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Do you remember what you wore to your first Pride parade? It’s hard to forget an event filled with so much energy, diversity, and – of course – fabulous Pride parade outfits. Between the massive parade floats and rainbow-colored freebies, it’s the gay Pride outfits that truly make this parade so special. There’s no other parade in the world where millions of people march for respect and equality in sexy meggings, rainbow kilts, and fetish gear. With an overwhelming feeling of gay camaraderie in the air, many parade-goers are open to wearing anything, which can get tricky if you’re out of style inspiration. If you’re shopping for your next gay Pride outfits, here are some of the easiest ways to take your next parade look up a notch.

Go as a matching couple or group.

They say two is better than one and this definitely applies to Pride month! Whether you’re attending the march with a group of friends or just your hubby, you’ll definitely stand out in matching or themed Pride outfits. For group-themed Pride parade outfits, each person can wear a crop top or male romper in a different color to represent the Pride flag. If that’s not your style, you can also go in matching costumes as your favorite LGBT characters from televisions, movies, books, or pop culture for a more creative approach.

Experiment with men’s makeup.

Surprisingly, men’s makeup can literally transform your gay Pride outfits into something totally different, even if you’re just wearing a t-shirt with jeans. Male makeup can seem too extreme for some guys, but there are actually subtle ways to incorporate it with your gay clothing. You can try wearing bright colored manscara to bring out your eyes instead of using eyeshadow or swap lipstick for colored lipgloss to enhance your lips. And of course, if you’re all about beating that face up, you can go all out with rainbow glitter, rhinestone stickers, colored falsies, and neon nail polish for men.

Wear something you’ve never worn before.

It might be out of your comfort zone, but an easy way to boost your parade look is to try a Pride clothing style you’ve never worn before. You can do something as small as trying a different gay underwear style, like a Modus Vivendi thong or 2XIST jockstrap. Instead of regular jeans and pants, you can try a sexy pair of padded leggings, modern kilts, animal onesies, or mens rompers. Differio is one of the few trendy menswear stores with a unique range of gay Pride outfits and brands online, including the latest from the Modus Vivendi brand.

Rep a non-traditional rainbow.

You already know there’s going to be a ton of rainbow pride clothing in the crowd. From rainbow-striped onesies to multicolored brand logos, the amount of rainbow Pride outfits is only growing by the year. If you want to get decked out in rainbow-striped gay fashion, you can try dressing in non-traditional rainbow colors and patterns. The holographic trend incorporates the rainbow in a more iridescent shade, like rainbow tank tops threaded with kaleidoscopic shimmer. You’ll find yourself wanting to wear holographic items even after Pride.