For Fall/Winter 2017-2018, DOPPIAA is presenting a “total-look” collection under the banner of originality and simplicity: a refined selection of fabrics and materials, great chromatic richness and extreme wearability. The collection is made up
of personal, innovative interpretations of the great classics of casualwear and formalwear. The casual chic here is not randomly put together, but highly polished and at the same time practical. The formalwear is extravagant, yet of great sartorial rigor without punishing rigidity, and with a large dose of flair. This is the DOPPIAA approach to foundational items: rethinking the essentials and making them beautiful and comfortable without showy extremism. These are functional items of daily use that are reiterated reassuringly over time with simplicity and dignity. They connote a timeless elegance travelling through generations and always remaining, without ever going out of style.

DAA_FW17_18_12_007The collection plays with fabrics that are heavy only in appearance (herringbone, tartans and houndstooth) but turn out to be surprisingly lightweight yet warm, structured yet easy to wear. They use the extraordinary softness of superfine cashmere; the perfect texture of gabardine trousers; the great character
of sheepskin and the sensual ruggedness of suede.

DAA_FW17_18_10_007Form and content, weight and counterweight, structure and suppleness. Have fun with fabric sneakers, diversely patterned sweaters, and parkas with elements of the uniforms of Japanese firefighters. Oversized coats, double- breasted flared coats, and cloaks. Bush jackets, duster coats, wool-and-cotton waistcoats, and jackets in Prince of Wales check.

DAA_FW17_18_09_010Rediscover the unusual colors of nature: ivory, bright blue, green, burgundy, aquamarine, indigo, earth, Terra Sienna and many more. DOPPIAA’s elegant sportswear represents sportsmanship, where fair play is the secret paradigm of the collection and brand. Above all, it is an inexhaustible source of inspiration: fairness in play, fun in competition, beauty in effort without artifice, all aimed at reaching gratifying results, the joy of participating, and teamwork.

DAA_FW17_18_06_021For DOPPIAA, “Made in Italy” means being part of a team that identifies with its country culturally and strategically. This mindset does not only imply using excellent Italian craftsmanship, but facing everyday work and life in the best spirit – one that distinguishes us as individuals and as a society. Such spirit encompasses Italian qualities recognized by all and envied by most: creativity, unpredictability, joie de vivre and the art of dressing well.