Dmitriy Gibshman – GIBSH – Designer Interview


Name Brand: GIBSH

Name Designer: Dmitriy Gibshman

Established: 2017

Kind of Style: streetstyle

Instagram: gibsh_official


Please discribe yourself and your brand and its evolution in the past seasons.

The brand GIBSH is one year and two months old. During this time I have already created 3 collections. There were a lot of publications in international and Ukrainian magazines. My first collection was published in That was really pleasant. I’m very happy that I have started to created menswear for the last collection. You could find menswear looks in GIBSH Fall Winter 2018 collection. I really like that I could create clothes for women and men. I think that is important because the brand reflects people living in this world. I really want people to like and wear GIBSH and understand what I want to tell them.

Now, after the 1 year of GIBSH activity, I want to conquer the world and make GIBSH the most famous fashion brand, but 1 year isn’t enough and I understand this. But 1 year ago I thought that in a year I would do that. If you want to take part in Major League you need to have money and a lot of strength. And that is nice. You need to put all your strength to be successful. No one can be successful undeservedly, especially in the fashion world. There are a lot of brand and clothes. Unfortunately, the world isn’t become rich. There are a lot of economic crises in the world, especially in Ukraine. When I create clothes I think about the world, different countries and continents. I think I fit into the global context. I feel this reflection in people’s words that see my clothes, in the attention of journalists to my brand. The most important that I understand how serious this business is. There are a lot of points to make clothes of high quality. You need to be able to concentrate your strengths. You need to understand what you want to give. There are a lot of people who create clothes. And I want to stand out. That is why I create stand out clothes in my mind. To tell the truth I always want create something better after each collection. I have no feel that I created something cool. Sometimes when I create something I think ‘ that is so cool’ but after some time, after the show  I think that was just clothes that were dead without people. The clothes need to live.  People should live in these clothes. The clothes supply the overall picture of the world.


Best and toughest part of designing a menswear collection.

I see what could be necessary for the world. I want to give something mine – some my feelings, my thoughts. Designing a menswear collection is not really difficult. This is like create a womenswear collection. You also create, change something and etc.


What sources of inspiration are your biggest influence?

When I see this question I’m utterly at a loss, because I don’t know. I always have inspiration. I haven’t situations when I can’t create something. If I can’t to create – I don’t want to do that. The inspiration isn’t the main instrument in creation anything.  Inspiration is a very unstable thing. And you should not rely on it. In my mind the inspiration is something far-fetched. No one can see it. I think there is no inspiration. The phrase ‘I have no inspiration’ is not serious. You just create what you want and try to make your idea perfect.  This is important. And I think these are the sources of inspiration.


How much of your success do you credit to the education you had?

I want to have a real success. I think today it’s only 3% of it. I want to feel that I create something important. I’m only at the beginning of my way. But the brand starts nice because I work as a stylist for different shootings, clips, advertising videos . I made lookbooks for different designers, I made shootings for magazines.  I like to mix clothes. I worked as a stylist for L’Officiel Ukraine, Forbs Ukraine. I saw a lot of luxury clothes. I saw Helmut Lang’s bags when I was 18 years old.  These things were really expensive for Ukraine in that time. I mixed a lot. I bought clothes in second hand shops. My first collection I had was experimental. I bought second hand clothes and resolved  it. I made a shooting of this collection with a model Darina Mitchenko. She had cancer. But she defeated this disease. That was a good experience for me and for all the team. Sergey Vasiliev was the photographer.  Everything was nice.


What genre of music best describes your collection?

The music is the mix of different genres – techno, retro, Soviet pop, religion genre, dip house. GIBSH style is a collage. When you mix different elements of the different cultures in one thing- something new and modern. I work with a guy who creates music. He is DJ KUSHNEROV and he is very talented. There are a lot of talented DJs in Ukraine. There are a lot of talented people in this county.


How do you choose your models for your shows and campaigns?

There are castings to choose models. Some models are my friends. Before the show I have a lot of messages from different bookers who want to show their models. I choose those models who are interested for me for the campaigns.


Do you have any favorite male models?

I really liked Jon Kortajarena. He was an actor in the film A SINGLE MAN. But I don’t have any models instagram profiles to look every day.  There are a lot of handsome faces in the world and in Ukraine too. My memory for names is not very good. Maybe I will pay attention on it because of this question.

I really like Prada male models. They have handsome models.  Balenciaga male models are very interesting. It is not a banal choice.

Some male models from the TV show Top Model po-ukrainsky took part in my Fall Winter fashion show. There were some male models from different modeling agencies. I thought everything was good with my male models during the show.


Where do you plan to take your brand next?

GIBSH web site will be done in some weeks. Also I would like to make a platform for selling the clothes. It will be related to the web site. I like this idea. Because the world model of buying is expensive for young brands. Furthermore I have no investors. I work as a stylist and I’m a sponsor for my brand.  That is why I want to create something that will give me a chance to show my clothes to the world.

Of course I’m going to make GIBSH a very interesting fashion label. I think I will do it. The most important thing is to create and not be afraid.


Beside fashion – do you have any special talents?

I think I’m a good stylist. I mix clothes very well. I like to do that. Unfortunately there are no magazine to work for in Ukraine. Because no one pays a good salary. Glossy magazines are not strong today.