DJ Jounce is back and delivers an awesome cut of future house

dj jounce

2016 was a great year for DJ Jounce filled with productions, remixes and bootlegs. One such remix he made „Ride“ by Twenty One Pilots was loved all across the board. The year ended with the passing of his father and Jounce had to take a break from music and it gave him the time to reflect.

DJ Jounce:

„His passing was obviously very difficult and seeing him suffering from cancer leading up to it was heartbreaking. My mother also passed from a terrible illness some years ago. But I take comfort in knowing they’re no longer in pain. I am forever grateful for all they did for me and the opportunities I’ve had in my life. My music had to take a backseat for a while but I’m getting back into the flow of things. I learned a lot from them, and perhaps the most important lesson was to never give up and stay mentally tough no matter how great the challenge. I carry that resolve with me and I’ve never been more determined with my music than I am now.“

Do My Thing features a sexy future house beat perfect for the Summer. Whether for more intimate settings or big festivals, it’s a track that takes a smooth approach in taking the crowd to higher levels.

Once again it’s a different side of Jounce who continues to prove himself as a multi-talented producer within the EDM scene. Something that is not quite common.
Whether it’s a cool trap track, an amazing bigroom festival banger, vocal trance or bass music influenced beats, Jounce never fails to amaze.
Another big collab is scheduled for release with Kryoman (DJ Mag #126). ‚GET UP‘ comes out on Wed May 10th on Zion Records.  This release will also be accompanied by a music video shot in Miami.