Daniel Ryan – Top Model Interview

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Name: Daniel Ryan

Age: 31

Height: 6’3’’

Hometown: Syracuse NY

Agency: AMS

Instagram: @dman4140


How did you get into modeling?

A friend of mine recently pushed me into it. It wasn’t something I probably would have done on my own without some encouragement from family and friends.

2. What are you doing if you are not modeling?

I’m either at work, at the gym, cooking, eating, or spending time with friends and family.

3. Whats the strangest thing you have done on set?

I can’t pinpoint something strange that’s happened so much as how an inappropriate comment or action from the photographer can spur a quality, candid shot. Some of the best shots come when we’re at our most natural, candid selves.

4. Any fashion week/casting survival tips?

Just be yourself. Like anything in life, some people may want you to be or act a certain way, but the people that matter the most will want you to be your authentic self. My advice would be to follow your true self, and in the end, you’ll get the most out of this experience. 


5. Describe your personal style

Slim fit suits. I love experimenting with different color variations. Nothing looks as sharp as a well fitted suit with the right color schemes.

6. Whats your grooming regime – any beauty or workout tips?!

I use a Neutrogena anti-aging crème at night before bed, and creamo face moisturizer during the day. I’ll shave every few days depending on my schedule, but I like some scruff on the face for a shoot. As far as working out goes, I workout 5 days a week for an hour and a half for each session. I like to do 45 minutes of resistance / weight training, followed by 45 minutes of cardio. For food, I eat a lot of protein, rice, and salads with spinach. I try my best to keep my protein high, my carbs in moderation, and my fat low.

7. Where are your roots?

My roots are right here in Syracuse NY, but I don’t plan on sticking around for too much longer. I’ve got my eyes on the big city.


8. What funny clichee about people from NY is true?

When I tell people I’m from New York, they all assume I’m from New York City. New York State’s biggest industry is agriculture. It’s a beautiful state comprised mostly of the Adirondack mountain region, and farmland.

9. Do you have any special Talents?

I can sing.

10. How much of your success do you credit to the education you had?

I think education plays a huge role in success, but doesn’t necessarily determine it. I’m still pursuing my bachelor’s degree in marketing while working my day job, and doing modeling more as a side gig. I would love to do modeling more full time, but right now having just recently come on the scene, my day job is more steady work. In time I hope to reverse the two jobs I have to focus more on what I really enjoy. As long as you have a vision and drive to do more, to reach higher, then I think the sky is the limit for anyone. Never settle.