Carsen Gray – „No Joke“

Orlebar Brown
Bally UK Spring Summer 2019 Collection for him
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Pacific Sunwear of California Inc

„The world has a cold and dark side to it that no one can run from. Sure, there is beauty all around us… rainbows, sunsets, nature, and blue skies… but darkness surrounds us on the other side where predators lurk, and where our own demons come to life.

Upon creating my new song, “No Joke,” I contemplated the new age concept of polar opposites, and light vs. dark. During recording, I let the music take me to a proper state of mind and set the mood. I found myself in the mindframe of living in a world where we are constantly battling against the dark side of ourselves. There’s no rewind or reset button in this incarnation. It’s up to us to make our best life.

You hold the key to unlock your destiny. Take in life for all it has to offer, and beware those around you that have an agenda to bring you down to a lower level. The ones who drain you of your energy. The energy vampires.“