Boy In Space – New Single “On A Prayer” Feat. SHY Martin

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Boy In Space is set to perform in London on 26th November at Shepherd’s Bush Empire and 27th November at the Electric Ballroom as tour support to Alec Benjamin. He is also slated to perform in the United States for the first time ever with showcases scheduled in New York and Los Angeles this December – more details coming soon.

“On A Prayer” takes Lundbäck’s innate talent for sincere songwriting and raw delivery to the next level as the rising artist laments “I’ve been dead for days I just feel like a black hole. Got my head in space I’m alone where should I go? Everything we did is saved in a box full of Polaroids, and when I drink I don’t think so I call just to say hello.”

Before being reworked into one of Lundbäck’s hard-hitting pop songs, the new single started as a country song. “We were playing around with some very twangy chords and lyrics, just joking around really, and it was one of those moments where a joke turns into something kind of interesting,” he recalls of writing the track with Martin. “Once we looked at the song with a pop lens, the chorus felt very big and it was clear it needed to be a duet. I’ve been a fan of SHY Martin for a long time and could imagine her vocals on the track while we were still writing it. I’ve been such a big fan of SHY since ‚The Ocean‘ came out, and I am so glad she said yes to singing on the song!”

This latest release is one in a series of spellbinding biographical gems that highlight the rising singer-songwriter’s personal and intimate life experiences. Give previous singles “7UP”, “Cold”, and “Drown” a listen to fully immerse yourself in the world of Boy In Space. “7UP” has received support from Radio One including Adele Roberts (Best New Pop) and Scott Mills.

Having released only a handful of songs since his emergence in 2018, this candid approach to songwriting has propelled Boy In Space to over 17 million streams on Spotify alone.

The moniker “Boy In Space” itself is a metaphor for how he navigates and untangles these emotions. “I can be crazy and all over the place at times. I was always the class clown in school and although I got along with everyone, I was never really at the top of the class,” he says. “So ‘Boy In Space’ has a very literal meaning to it. Although my songs can be sad, if you meet me, you’ll find that I’m full of energy and actually pretty happy (most of the time). So in a not so literal way, Boy In Space has become the space where I’m able to go to express those sad and darker feelings.”