Birdriot – Wanna Go

„My new single, “Wanna Go,” centres around the story of when I found out the woman I had been seeing had been seeing someone else, yet I bit my tongue upon finding out to save face.
Sometimes, heartbreak can be beautiful. I sought out to capture the mood of being completely present with one’s emotions on this track.

Wanna Go” is self produced and written. My recording engineer, Nick, and I took a stripped down approach to the production, which sparked a deeply raw feeling within me. After some heartfelt freestyle, the song’s hook emerged fluidly.

The video, shot by Gabriel LN, features the duality of how the happier side of myself eventually connected with my melancholic side. It follows the natural process one goes through after a breakup and harnesses the natural beauty of Vancouver Island to tell this story.

Next year I will be releasing further singles and mixtapes. A Canadian tour is also in the works.“