Bioniciconic – FUCK AVERAGE!


„Bionicicionic is about people who are passionate about who they are and what they’re achieving. We celebrate people who don’t settle for what they have or what surrounds them, the type of people who are self-empowered and confident in who they are.

People who are thinkers, creators and instigators are our people.

In a world where people are encouraged to conform, we take an intelligently creative path and appeal to people who cherish their individuality and we offer them a considered range of clothing and unique items. The brand refuses to have a target market, instead it has a target mindset allowing us to connect with like-minded highly creative and determined individuals.

This means you’ll find our items being chosen by a diverse and interesting group of people including photographers, film directors, creative directors, personal trainers, architects and musicians. The list goes on, and the one thing that unites this diversity is our customers’ passion to challenge all things average and follow their passions.

Urban at its core, bioniciconic is a pavement to penthouse brand that resonates with people at all stages in their life. Our mantra is international, and in our first year has already reached beyond our UK base to attract supporters in Scandinavia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Ireland and the USA.“