BÄUMLER – Spring/ Summer 2019

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Bally UK Spring Summer 2019 Collection for him

From the beach to the jungle….

That’s the best way to describe the colour spectrum of the new spring/summer collec- tion, which ranges from light beige sand tones and sky and azure blue to vibrant green to olive, brown and burgundy. And of course always in new structures, weaves and de- signs.

A variety of floral prints on trouser waistbands, piping and contrasting collar linings high- light the summery feel. And these details are also making an appearance on shirts and accessories.

Due to the sensational reaction to the Bäumler “Air” range, it has been re-released and the selection of fabrics successively increased. As well as Reda, Angelico is a partner too this time. Along with purely wool items, sportier blends of wool and linen are also being used.


… stands for innovative outer fabrics, lavish and unusual designs and items with additional per- formance attributes and features.

One noteworthy example here is the seersucker fabric (28201) by Oliveira. This wool-cotton blend with high elastane content combines cool comfort with the highest flexibility. The half- lined S 02.428 model combines all these attributes perfectly.

Another new addition comes from Tollegno. Wool, cotton and linen are also combined with elasta- ne here. Its additional finishing gives the fabric a sporty, slightly washed look (28202/28203). In terms of the models, there are also some new additions. In the Slim Fit line, a suit with a peaked lapel and slightly slanted flap pockets is also available. From Marlane, an interesting wool-cotton blend with vibrant bi-colour effect is predestined for this (28207).

But a visible highlight is definitely article no. 28213 by Duemilagori from southern Italy: a bouclé fabric in three vibrant colours (royal blue, olive green and burgundy) with coloured overcheck. As a blazer but also as an individual waistcoat, it would be a real eyecatcher in any store.
For suits, the summery Marlane fabric is certainly a highlight. A special yarn dyeing and weaving technique is creating a new look that is reminiscent of printed fabrics (28002/28003).

But this season’s top innovation comes from Barberis. An S’100 serge has been bonded with a camouflage-printed high-tech fibre.


… is still the biggest source of revenue of the fabric collection, in both the suits and blazers segments.

Angelico is offering a sporty wool-linen blend that is ideal for the Bäumler “Air” blazer range. Plain colours, sporty structures glen plaid and window checks in a broad range of colours offer something for every taste.

And Reda’s offer for the “Air” capsule collection is of an even higher quality. Light-as-a-feather S’110 and S’130 yarns weighing between 180 and 240 grams provide a wearing comfort that is second to none. Additional natural stretch underlines this further. Here too there is a choice of numerous designs, also in vibrant colours like royal blue and burgundy (28310/28311/28312). “DiPray” is rounding up the range in terms of quality. High-quality wool-silk and wool-linen-silk blends are bridging the gap to the luxury segment. Their excellent colour brilliance and very good crease recovery are a result of the high silk content.

For high summer temperatures, the range of suit fabrics now also includes cotton. This fabric comes from Italian specialist DiSondrio. With a 3% elastane content, freedom of movement is guaranteed (28100).

The “Air” suit range, which was once again produced in cooperation with Reda, deserves a special mention. As well as a new plain-coloured S’130 weighing just 200 grams, a checked variation is also available this season, resulting in a total of nine options.


… This range reads like a who’s who of the top weaving mills with Vitale Barberis, Guabello, Loro Piana and Cerruti, to name just a few.
From Guabello we are offering a new, light-as-a-feather blazer fabric with wool, cot- ton and silk. Weighing in at just 195 grams, it is the perfect option for warm summer days.

Also by Guabello, but slightly more voluminous, is “Libera” (28357) for which wool, cotton and linen are woven together to create a double-faced look (28358).
The “Linen Tweed” by Loro Piana is turning into a bestseller of the collection and the range has been further expanded as a result. Large-format pinpoint weaves, glen plaid and window checks, also in vibrant colour tones, round off the collection.

For real connoisseurs, Tollegno is offering a silk and camel hair blend (28367). It feels like pure cashmere and also boasts an elegant shine. You can see and feel every euro that has been invested in this fabric.