Average Gypsy – „Panda Bunny“

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„Our new single “Panda Bunny” is the third track off our debut album; a 7-track story with each song representing a pivotal moment together as we became Average Gypsy. We both grew up listening to hip hop and really appreciated songs and albums that told a story, so we decided to tell our story.

Panda Bunny” is a love tune. We started to fall in love at Shambhala in 2013. Prior to the festival, we were inseparable. When we weren’t together, we were on the phone or texting endlessly. Although it was obvious to everyone around us, we were trying to keep our love under wraps. During the festival we would sneak kisses in the forest and leave the party separately each night, only to end up at the same, secret meeting places. One magical afternoon, Josh wore a bunny onesie, Dani wore a panda onesie and we skipped off together deep into the forest where we had an epic and intimate meadow adventure. To this day, we still call each other by our respective animal names.“