Athleisure Fashion Trending by Peter Minkoff


Gigi’s doing it, Kendall’s doing it and virtually everyone who is anyone is totally head over heels for athleisure even though it’s been a while already. With that in mind, it is pretty safe to say that athleisure is a trend that is going to stay. Sure, not many find it particularly exhilarating (especially those who aren’t that much into working out), but the juxtaposition of sporty and elegant makes it a pretty statement and gives this trend a huge oomph. Mixing sportswear and casual clothing creates a relaxed and chill look with a comfortable vibe and that’s what most millennials (as well as the others who are living fast-paced lives) are into these days.
So, if you still haven’t mastered the tricks of looking super hot in athleisure combos, here are a few tips to stir you in the right direction.

When and how to wear?

It is a common misconception that athleisure fashion is about wearing your gym clothes to a lunch or a meeting. While there is a pinch of truth in it, things are never as black and white. Athleisure combines practicality with functionality, always putting you on the spot and ready to go. However, it is more sophisticated than that. For instance, Adidas bomber jackets are a fine example of what you should have on you if you want to mix high-performance fabrics with elegance. Pretty chick, right?

A nice polo shirt is a must

Do not even imagine putting together your athleisure wear for the day without a nice polo shirt. Have no fear, Under Armour has you covered as they recently hired Tim Coppens to help them out with the latest creations. A polo shirt is more than just a piece that ties your outfit together; it is a statement piece with tradition, and you should wear it proudly. On the other hand, it has to be made of high-quality fabrics to help you through your busy schedule without leaving you embarrassed with sweat spots.
Sneakers for those on the run


Without a good pair of sneakers, you cannot expect to look good in your outfit. As far as men are concerned, Nike shoes are a great choice for the gentleman with a tight schedule because they are meant to be walked in a lot. Comfort comes above else, which is why you should opt for models that fit more loosely (you know, to avoid foot cramps).

Top it off with a jacket

A bomber jacket is great to finish any combo, and it is great for almost any weather. Dolce & Gabbana, Versace or even Vans has you covered, and you can come out of their stores with the perfect bomber jacket to complete your look. The more characterized the zippers are, the better and more sophisticated your outfit will seem.

Going to the gym


Seeming busy is one of the key elements of athleisure as the busy vibe is giving you a very – let’s call it – important look. Feeling comfortable in gym clothes is not always possible as most of it is designed for a rigorous workout regime. Ryderwear created a line of gym clothes bodybuilders like to use, which is exactly what you need for your outfit. It’s super comfy, easy to wear, light on the skin and ‒ very trending right now.

Nothing without accessories

Even men have accessories they like to carry around although they do not like to admit it. Man clutches are a necessity if you want to appear like a VIP, especially if you are committed to athleisure. Do not skimp on details, but do not overdo it either. A kitsch bag can ruin your outfit and might give off the wrong vibe, so mind your taste and stay true to your personal aesthetics.