Are Multiplayer Slots Worth to Play?

Photo by watcharlie on Unsplash

Before online slots were invented, if you wanted some slots action, then you would have had to visit land-based casinos, betting shops or arcades. Here you could play these games in a setting that was reasonably sociable, depending on how regularly you visited these establishments and whether or not you were well-known within them – play slots games.

Although online gambling has vastly improved the access and popularity of slots, most of the gaming now takes place in the privacy of player’s homes, behind closed doors and in solitary environments. The social aspect of gambling has definitely disintegrated over time because of the advent of online gambling.

Solutions to Solitary Gambling

Bingo has managed to keep the social element of the game somewhat intact, since it moved online. This has been achieved by the introduction of bingo chatrooms that usually load to the side of the bingo room punters are playing in. Here a host looks after the room and breaks the ice, allowing for a friendly atmosphere to develop, where individuals can interact with each other.

Table game lovers just need to visit the live casino section of any online casino, to get a taste of a real casino experience. Here you interact with live dealers who deal in a casino setting that is usually beamed from a TV studio straight to all devices, in glorious HD.

The Slot Conundrum

For slots players it is harder to create a social gambling atmosphere and this is because slots are the least sociable of all the gambling games. Some casinos have introduced slots tournaments, that help to create a community atmosphere, as players compete with each other for prizes, by spinning multiplayer slots games for points. There is also a leader board and if a chatroom is present, then you can meet and befriend those that you are competing with. Multiplayer slots are not available everywhere or at all times. Instead, they are reserved for slots tournaments and other special promotions.

Most classic multiplayer slots actually allow players to play as a team instead of competing with each other for prizes. Up to six people can play in a virtual slots room on a multiplayer slot and you can spin as a team to help the room walk away with some cash. You can either randomly join a room full of strangers or organize a time for you and your friends to log in together.

Multiplayer Slots

Wheel of Wealth features iconic symbols of wealthiness such as sports cars, diamonds and gold. It can be played as a multiplayer slot with friends. It has a Wheel of Wealth bonus game and when this is activated, all the players in the room can take their chance on the wheel to win prizes.

Isis Multiplayer Slot revolves around the goddess of fertility. It’s an Ancient Egyptian themed slot that boasts a free spins multiplier round. If this is triggered all the players get free spins to play and  any multipliers that are activated during the bonus spins, help to increase your winnings.