Annette Welander Jewelry – new collection – „Sequential“

Annette Welander is a new Swedish jewelry brand that sets out to challenge the current standard of jewelry by embracing meaningful designs. The designs interact with the world in a similar way as architecture, physically manifested and visually engaging while challenging people to build lasting and positive relationships with the world around.

Born from the ambition to empower and embolden the individual, Annette Welander goes beyond the visual to engage the mind and inspire feelings of novelty or even strangeness. From the concept to the raw materials, the brand seeks to arrive at essence of the element, combining technology and hand- craftsmanship techniques to create truly unique pieces.

Annette Welander’s newest collection, titled Sequential, features rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces that act according to the principles of duplication, repetition and multiplication. Connecting at different centers with diverse arc length cuts, they use spaces by taking a single mass and extruding it into a sequence of different forms.

Sequential defines its aesthetic shapes with mathematical theories of chance and chaos, proving a conceptual grounding to create a new experience. The finest materials are used for each piece: from 18K white, rose, and yellow gold, to black Rhodium plated white gold and Sterling Silver with black or white diamonds.