ALEXANDRA MOURA – Fashion Designer Interview


Name Designer: Alexandra Moura
Established: 2002
Kind of Style: High-end
Instagram: alexandra.moura

Please discribe yourself and your brand and its evolution in the past seasons.

I am passionate about life, nature, art, the cosmos …. the smallest things, and this is reflected in my head, in my ideas and in my inner universes. All this is reflected in my brand, these passions work on concepts, perspective on fashion, on the body and its canons, questioning everything and rebuilt in my head, it was the way I found to communicate with the world through my brand.
These ingredients characterize my brand. The exploration of concepts, the deconstruction of the classic, the work of opposites, is a high end mix with streetwear, where attention to detail is highly valued, this has been a evolution from collection to collection , the work at the international level that the brand is doing has been a very important component to join all this.

Best and toughest part of designing a menswear collection.

Best part is to see the pieces in the streets. Toughest one is not to draw dresses.
The best part is to see the pieces come to life when worn by customers. The hardest part of designing a collection is the fear of not getting it right, of not being sure it’s the right thing despite being genuine

What sources of inspiration are your biggest influence?

Throughout my life and depending on the times in which I am, many were the sources. Everything can be a source of inspiration for a new concept, people life, sensations …. everything even

What was your favorite collection so far?

All are very special, all made sense at that time, all were favorites until the new

How much of your success do you credit to the education you had?

100%. Without a good education you will be “nothing”.

What genre of music best describes your collection?

AW18 is about the 90´s so bands like the smiths, tupac or my bloodie Valentine fit very well in the collection

How do you choose your models for your shows and campaigns?

Each model has to convey the feel of the collection and the brand, and this is the main point of choice. must convey the values of the brand and the vibe

8. Do you have any favorite male models?


9. Where do you plan to take your brand next?

Grow our presense at worlwide stockists.

10. Beside fashion – do you have any special talents?

“Dedication to my family”