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Journeys, both real and imaginary, are the essence of Alanui. The project, developed by brother and sister Nicolò and Carlotta Oddi is based on an accumulation of emotions and experiences conveyed through pieces meant to be worn for a long time along the large path of life. The name ALANUI, apropos, means „large path“ in the Hawaiian language.

Alanui started its journey as a brand with a collection built around a single item, produced in a variety of patterns: a buttonless unisex oversized jacquard cashmere cardigan, edged with a dense fringe and closed with a two-tone belt. Keeping this key item as the foundation, it now continues to grow organically, as every journey does experience after experience, expanding with new items, incorporating accessories, delving into styles more clearly defined in a masculine or feminine sense. A little cheeky medal with a surfer and Saint Christopher, patron saint of all voyager, is attached to the label as a token of good luck for the wearer.

The complete opposite of throwaway fashion, Alanui is made with the best materials and crafted with painstaking attention to detail. Each item is intended as canvas of artistic expression and a celebration of superior artisanal flair though endless variations of colors, jacquards, intarsia, embroideries.

The f/w 18 collection is the tale of two surfers en route from California to Mexico. Along the way, iconographies mix and merge, while patterns and styles cohabit. Journeys, after all, are about blending in. The unisex icon cardigan, thereafter, features new versions of the tree of life motif or intricate Lunar Phases and Mother Earth Father Sky jacquards that capture the magic of the Native American legends experienced along the voyage. The Chimayo style swarms in geometric modulations of intarsia stripes that explode in the Baja hoodie, a  precious cashmere interpretation of every surfer’s favorite. From there on, routes depart. The Alanui woman goes to Greenland, wrapped in a crochet cardigan and matching long scarf, or wearing a cardigan or a jumper covered in little flowers jacquards with matching beanie, scarf, gauntlets and muff. The Alanui man, instead, returns home to Navaho patterns, wearing the shawl-collared, short Icon cardigan with silver Saint Christopher button covers or a longer, buttoned cardigan. Either way, Alanui, a faithful travel companion, becomes one with the wearer. Like everything touched by the magic of craft, it gets better with time.