ABU Releases new single ‚Ordinary‘

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After the successful official release of ‘One Day’ in March 2019 this story telling singer songwriter is back with many new songs for 2020 with this gritty heartfelt single, ‘Ordinary’.

A guitar and voice is all ABU needs to take us out the door to the street where he deposits his past issues. Free to take away, so to speak.

Selfless, unexcited, but different from what the song title would suggest, because there is nothing ordinary here. “Ordinary” is a tête-à-tête in the banquet room of your own mind: naked and unadulterated, flawed and imperfect.

Once again, ABU flips off the Zeitgeist, because he has no desire for softened synchronization and high gloss polished emotions. He prefers to write songs with an urgency that doesn’t stop at broken microphones or any conventions, but rather tells stories that get under your skin.

Although for many years now, Abu (aka Berner) has been working on his music, he actually started in the business by working primarily in the background of the music business as an artist manager, booking agent and as a roadie and always wanting to offer others the perfect environment for their music. During this time, his senses sharpened and his own musical vision came about in passing.

In 2011 out of nowhere he released an album ‘Earn And Seed’ and secured a contract with major label, Universal and put together a band and toured Switzerland and its neighbouring countries. After the release of ‘RESET’ (2015) he sharpened up production and opened up the sound which lead to the release of ‘Beautiful Waste’ reaching number 8 in the German Indie Charts and having had over 5 million Spotify streams to date – a foretaste of what his choruses, his mixture of unconventional production and unerring pop flair can do.

With several releases lined up over the coming months, you’re gonna be seeing him a lot more