A Brand New Story from Ricardo Muñiz – „THREE KINGS FROM DA HOOD“

THREE KINGS from da HOOD by Ricardo Muniz 02 Devon

As you may know, but as few Americans actually do, the 12 days of Christmas actually begin on Christmas day with the birth of Jesus, and conclude with the arrival of the three kings bearing gifts for the boy king on January 6, the Feast of the Epiphany, or Three Kings Day, Los reyes magos, in Latin America.

„Artist-educator Ricardo Muñiz walked through the streets of El Barrio and encountered these three kings from da hood this holiday season. José is Melchior, the sexy Spanish king on a horse. Noel is Caspar, the amazing Arab king riding a camel, and Devon is Balthazar, the awesome African king packing his gifts on his elephant. Oh, to be the baby to whom these three kings bring their gifts! Happy Holidays from Harlem!“

THREE KINGS from da HOOD by Ricardo Muniz 11 Jose

Photographer: Ricardo Muñiz
@coquichuloimages on Facebook and Instagram
@chulounderwear on Facebook and Instagram
Styling by Coquichulo Images.
Models Instagram:
Devon @dev_thealpha
Jose @novela_papi

Noel @ilivefitness

THREE KINGS from da HOOD by Ricardo Muniz 09 Jose
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