8 Cool and Simple Ideas for Updating Your Deck by Emma Williams

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If you are not happy with the current state of your deck, you shouldn’t worry. The ways in which you can upgrade and improve it are numerous. The best thing is that most of those ways are pretty simple and easy. This means that you’ll be able to show off your refreshed deck without having to spend days working. You won’t waste time or energy and your deck will look better and better. Wait no more and get on the work now!

Pave your patio

To make your deck look cooler instantly, you can simply pave your patio. A change like this is simple, but it makes a huge difference. If your current patio doesn’t look as good you would want it to look, pavers will improve the situation. Pavers are tile systems that can be easily added on top of your current patio ground. Even though this is a rather simple change, the patio will look better than ever in the end.

One particularly interesting reason why pavers are so great is that they are very flexible when it comes to designs. You can do whatever you want and make them fit the rest of your design perfectly. Another reason why you’ll love them is that they are very easy to repair if any accident occurs. They are also much more easily replaced than the concrete slab is. The most popular styles are clay and stone. They are both very interesting options. Clay is great because of its durability, while the stone is famous for its sophisticated look.


Another simple and easy idea to refresh your deck and upgrade it is patio landscaping. Your patio really is an important part of your home. It raises your curb appeal and it makes you feel much better about your home. You won’t be able to create a welcoming atmosphere in your home unless you do your best to make your patio as appealing as possible.

Landscaping is one of the best ways to do so. Depending on the architectural style of your home and your preferences, you can choose the type of landscaping suitable for you. The landscaping could be neat and organized or it could be filled with decorative planters and other foliage. You don’t have to go too far with your landscaping to make it look great; especially if that’s not something you like doing. Instead, you can go for a simple DIY and make the space beautiful and personal.

Work on the outdoor lighting

You may not even realize how huge lighting is when it comes to home design. Be it inside or outside home design, lighting really is the key feature you should pay attention to. If you manage to incorporate adequate lighting, your deck will immediately be transformed. Your deck will go from the dull and boring space to the most interesting part of your home.

If you’re used to spending time on your patio during summer nights, on your own or with your friends and family, you know how important lighting is. With the proper lighting, you’ll be able to fully enjoy your time out there. LEDs are the most common ways of outdoor lighting. Next to them, incandescent lights and tiki torches are also frequently used for outdoor lighting. You can consider your deck’s theme and then choose the lighting that suits it the best. For instance, LEDs are great for some elegant and formal settings, while tiki torches can help you make a playful, party-like atmosphere.

Change the doors

One of the most obvious ways to transform your patio is to get some amazing patio doors. The door is actually one of the first things people notice about your patio. This is exactly the reason why investing some great patio doors isn’t a bad idea. To make sure that you’ve got the right door, you’ll have to approach this properly.

Namely, your patio door should look amazing because they are the thin line between your outside and inside. To make the transition as smooth as possible, you’ll need to find the perfect door. If you are already making the changes in your deck, the doors may be one of the most important changes you are about to make. With all of the other changes, your old doors may not look as well and they could drag the whole look down. To avoid this, make sure to choose the perfect doors and replace them. Sliding doors or French doors may be the ones for you, depending on your needs and the theme of your patio.

Consider some additions to your deck

Sometimes, a simple detail can completely transform the look of your deck. It can bring some new charm and beauty to it. If your imagination doesn’t run wild and you don’t know what you could add to your patio, the possibilities are endless. For instance, you could add some vertical gardens and make your deck look more interesting. You can make fun vertical gardens with some scrap wood, and something to plant. Don’t forget to include some retractable fly screens if you do choose to broaden your flower collection. Professionals, such as the ones at Oztech, can provide a perfect solution for all of the insects that will be attracted to your plants.

Another interesting idea would be adding the hammock to your deck. Hammocks are the perfect addition to any part of the yard. They will make your patio look great immediately and you’ll adore them whenever you wish to spend some time relaxing outside. If you feel often like napping outside, this feature will be the only thing you need in your deck. You can play some relaxing music and have a therapeutic experience without even leaving your home.

Get a fireplace or fire pit

Few things can make your deck look good as well as the fireplace can. This is one of the most popular outdoor design ideas. This doesn’t come as such a surprise since the fireplace really is a simple feature that brings a lot of style to any space. This is a feature that everyone will adore on summer nights and that will make your home look much more interesting and beautiful.

The best thing is that you can get any design you would like to have. Both the fire pits and the fireplaces come in a number of designs and you can choose the one you like the most. You won’t spend a fortune on features like these but they will make your deck seem more expensive and appealing. One of the things that will make you like these features, even more, is the fact that they are rather simple to set up. You’ll soon be able to spend time next to your new fire pit.

Get an outdoor kitchen

Speaking of summer nights, you shouldn’t forget about the summer days either. You can make your summer days much more interesting and fun once you add an outdoor kitchen to your deck. If you or your family like cooking and spending time outside, this may be the perfect way to combine the two passions. This is a bit more expensive upgrade but it is worth it. With an outdoor kitchen, your deck is completely transformed. It suddenly becomes a modern space designed for making memories. The value of your home is significantly increased and your patio becomes the favourite space for any social interactions.

Not only does your patio become more beautiful, but it also becomes much more functional once you include an outdoor kitchen. You can add many other features to your patio if you like the general idea of an outdoor kitchen, but this one seems like a too complex option. Something like a pizza oven may be ideal for you or something like a bar. Depending on your budget and needs, you’ll be able to find the perfect addition to your deck.

Get some furniture

Finally, you can add some nice furniture to complete the look of your deck. All it takes to get a perfect patio is the right choice of furniture. You should take some time and choose the chair and tables that fit your deck the most. Make sure that they are both comfortable and functional before you purchase them.