7 Fabulous Wine Travel Destinations To Visit With Your Partner by Rebecca Siggers

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We know you and your partner are a true wine lover. If you weren’t, why would you read an article that talks about seven fabulous wine travel destinations to visit with your partner? So gear up for a fun-filled vacation with your wine-loving partner this holiday season. Here are our top places that wine lovers must visit.

But before we tell you about those destinations, let’s discuss some proven benefits of drinking wine-

  • People who drink wine in moderate quantities daily observed a reduction in cardiovascular mortality.
  • It slows down the aging of the skin.
  • Apart from slowing down the aging, it also keeps the skin glowing.

After knowing the benefits of wine drinking, we expect you to be on the edge of your seat to taste the best wine brewed from organic wine grapes to give you a lip-smacking taste. Here are the perfect destinations for a wine-loving couple.


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The city in Greece is an aesthetic treat for everyone, but the town is double the wine lovers‘ treat. You will experience the best wine tasting on the rooftop of a winery while enjoying the view of the whitewashed households and hotels.

In ancient times, the wine of this place was famous throughout the Mediterranian. People used to import wine and enjoy it with their friends and families. The island’s volcanic soil gives a unique taste to the wine made from locally grown grapes. Most of the wineries are present in the southern part of the island city.

Fly down to this city and enjoy authentic Greek cheese with elegant red wine.


This region of Spain is famous for both its red and white wine. You can taste the famous Albarino wine here on the coast. The area is cooler and wetter than the rest of the country, making for the perfect summer getaway. The white wines here are more acidic than regular wines. While you are at it, don’t forget to enjoy Italian Sangiovese at one of the local wineries along with Spanish paella.

Napa Valley

This place is the most famous wine destination in California, USA. Its popularity is such that the area attracts almost three million visitors in a calendar year.
The fertile soil of the land has presented a chance for more than 350 wineries to flourish here in Napa Valley.

If you ever visit San Francisco, you can always plan a day trip to the Napa Valley and set up a picnic mat along with your lover, and enjoy some ravishing wine with a platter of fruits and cheese. Although, you may want to book your tasting sessions well in advance as the sessions are limited, and they get booked quite quickly.

Casablanca Valley

Photo by energepic.com from Pexels

The Casablanca Valley of Chile produces the maximum volume of wine in the country. Although it’s surprising to know that the production of wine only began here in the 80s, and the place has become an emerging hub for winemaking.

The city’s backyards and outskirts are home to incredible wineries where you can feel the brewed grapes in the air. Although the city’s winemaking experience is relatively new, this has given the town different perks when it comes to winemaking. How? The wine industry’s late start has given producers the technological edge they need to make brilliant wine.

There’s nothing like enjoying a glass of crisp white wine while gazing at the marvelous Andes. If you ever go there, don’t miss to taste the Chardonnay. If you love red wine, then you can also try the Syrah.


Marlborough is located at the southern Island tip in New Zealand and is on the bucket list of every wine enthusiast. The vineyards flourish in one of the region’s driest areas where there’s generous sunlight present.

Rent a bike from the nearby bike rental stations and take a day trip with your lover riding your pillion. Enjoy authentic wine along with the famous seafood of the area. You can enjoy both of these at a local winery’s restaurant.

Yarra Valley

If your city had numerous wineries at just an hour’s traveling distance, would you miss going there with your partner? We think that you won’t. Well, why miss it now? If you are in Melbourne, you should plan a day trip to the Yarra Valley’s beautiful wineries.

One of the oldest wineries here was built in the mid-1800s. Sit on the vast grass fields and enjoy the mountains‘ views along with sipping in the best red and white wine. Also, the valley is famous for its cider that was grown in the older times.


For years, this region was the hub of wine production in Hungary. Mostly, this region’s wines are sweeter and hit smoothly in the throat.

The wine industry here didn’t flourish until the 90s because of the oppressing communist rule in the area. Still, after that ended, the site has emerged massively.

The wineries here have their cellars made into volcanic rocks and caves, making it a fascinating sight. Don’t want to visit the wineries without any prior knowledge about the place? You can also book a one on one guided winery tour in advance. This will help you know about the place in advance.


So now you and your wine-loving partner have a list of seven destinations where you can go and enjoy good wine. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and enjoy a sensational wine tasting trip!!