6 Summer Trends You Can Wear in Autumn by Vicky Layton

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Summer has left it’s best days behind, but if you’re still hoping to clutch onto your summer style as the weather gets colder, there are a select few styles that you can maintain throughout Autumn, the majority of a summer wardrobe can be layered up in the Autumn, but the key to keeping your summer style subtle is colours. Picking out darker tones you wore in the warmth helps your overall look stay unique in the fall, but if you’re unsure which garment makes the cut, here’s a few ideas.

Streetwear clothing has been a consistent trend for a couple of years and the designs are constantly changing to match the luxury brands that are making a statement. One thing you can continue to wear are slim fitted urban t-shirts that can be paired up with a tracksuit or jeans. As mentioned before, the key is to stick with darker autumn colours to keep the final look tonal and intentional. If you invested in the twin set trend, naturally the shorts will need to be packed away, but the tops can stay out and be worn as your bottom layer over a hoodie and jacket.

The fall is an unpredictable season that can consist of cold, wet weather or neutral days when a light jacket will keep you comfortable. It might be too soon for the beanies to make an appearance, the trucker hats and dad caps can continue to make an appearance as long as the weather stays consistent. A dad cap is a much better choice for anyone who styles themselves in jeans and a jacket, it adds the relaxed feel to a smart casual look, and a designer brand isn’t mandatory when it comes to this style.

Ripped distressed jeans have been one of the biggest trends throughout summer, and autumn has already shown signs that this style is holding its position. Torn jeans add an authentic look to an Autumn style that works perfectly with workwear boots and an oversize denim jacket. Regular fit jeans have also made an appearance during the summer, and because of the simple nature of this fit, it’s something that can be easily worn in the fall.

Soft pastel pinks have been a consistent trend throughout summer, and it’s a perfect tone for the fall. In the summer, it was a slim fit suit and lightweight jacket that led the trend, and naturally, this will be changed up to make the pink an undertone of the outfit. Tops and jumpers in a soft pink can be worn under a jacket or coat and dressed in a tonal fashion.

I few ideas to avoid having to completely re-do the wardrobe ahead of the new season, they are simple staple pieces that help you create an autumn look when they’re layered up ready for the colder weather.

Vicky Layton

Hi! My name is Vicky, I’m a fashion designer, running enthusiast and occasional model. Fashion is and will always be my passion and I also love sports. I am currently doing an internship but I would love to open my showroom soon!