5000 Fall/Winter 2019 Collection Look Book


5000 Fall/Winter 2019, titled: Kinhin, is the practice of meditative walking between long periods of Zazen Meditation. Walking is an act that sometimes comes without thought, serving to each of us as a primary source of transportation. Thompson started walking as a way to calm anxiety and sleeplessness, then later became a way to begin and collect his thoughts and improve his focus. Practicing a modern interpretation of Kinhin, Thompson grounds himself and understands how strides of movement are harmonic to one’s aura. Knowing this, the 5000 Fall/Winter 2019 Collection strives to harmonize meditation in a similar form. Consuming the collection in sturdy although lightweight fabrics — worsted wools, Belgian linens, organic cotton twills, chambrays — thus allowing for the serenity of Kinhin to take place and pillar the bodily sensations as a whole. Thompson’s collection comes in conversation with movement, one that develops the mind and body to blossom together.

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ABOUT 5000

5000 is a creative collective founded by Taylor Thompson in 2017 in New York City. Rooted in subjectivity, 5000 designs clothes that speak for themselves, creating a rhythmic frequency between the genuinity of the garments 5000’s debut collection titled, “Salut,” translating from French Meaning “hello”, was inspired by the concept of introductions and the power of first impressions. Their second collection titled “A System Of Thought,” fleshed out the ensuing idiosyncrasies which occur after a drastic change in one’s life and how that individual must direct themselves in order to evolve. Going forward, 5000 looks to fine tune themselves to experiment and expand into many mediums. Thompson’s design visionary focuses to reach a cultural attunement through creation, intertwining multiple landscapes along with Thompson’s consciousness for his upbringing  in Oakland California.

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Art Direction, Styling + Casting: Taylor Thompson

Photography: Michael Grant

Cinematography Director: Sachi Barah

Production: Jacob Gottlieb

Public Relations: Ashley Lee

Styling Assistant: Adryan Son

Video Assistant: Brandon Yoon

Video Editor: J.P. Blaire

Sound Editor: William McFeely

Models: Jordan Figueora, Christopher Smith + Hakeem Nieght