5 Things That Instantly Make Any Guy Sexier by Peter Minkoff


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One of the most difficult questions to answer is “What’s the thing you find the most attractive in a man?“ Try to answer it yourself – is it the hands, the smell, the smile? There are many things that play a role in answering this question, as there is not only one thing that makes a guy sexy. He can have the deepest and sexiest voice in the world, but he might just not have anything else that makes him sexy. Or he could be a very handsome Aussie who lacks everything else apart from the physical looks. However, take a look at the 5 things that make any guy instantly sexy.

1. That sophisticated humor


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Definitely one of the most important things that make a guy sexy is his humor. A humorless dude cannot be extremely sexy, no matter how many packs he has on his abs. According to Time magazine, women love men who can make them laugh, and men love women who laugh at their jokes. A pretty good combo, isn’t it? The research also stated that guys with a good sense of humor managed to get phone numbers of almost 43% of the people they asked, while humorless guys did this only 15% of the time. So, if you’re a guy who’s not confident about his humor – do a bit of training and your chances will definitely be higher.

2. Those biceps and forearms


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Another thing that’s incredibly sexy are arms – biceps, forearms, practically anything. Just wear a shirt with rolled-up sleeves and there you go – instantly sexy. In order to be the most successful in this area, make sure to work out regularly. Of course, you won’t be only paying attention to pumping your biceps and skipping leg day, but regular exercise is just the first step. If we stumble and start to fall and you catch us with your amazing arms, we can literally die. Yes, that’s how sexy arms are.

tanja-heffner-321386Tanja Heffner

Now, imagine those arms with a bunch of excellent tattoos on them. Breathtaking, isn’t it? Getting inked might require some guts, but if you love this type of art, then you should definitely consider getting one. The most popular and perhaps the most interesting ones are tattoos from exotic cultures, so getting custom Japanese tattoos in Sydney or any other place sounds like a perfect plan to getting someone’s phone number (or Instagram account). If you decide to make that kind of a tattoo into a sleeve – even better!

4. That husky voice


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This list would have been totally unfair if the low, husky voice wasn’t on it. Imagine a guy with the voice of Sean Connery or the voice and the looks of Chris Hemsworth. The Telegraph states the huskiness in the voice of guys shows strength but also kindness, so that may be the reason why we find them extremely sexy. Researchers also said that this kind of sexiness is prominent while talking over the phone or in sensual situations, and we couldn’t agree more.

5. That sportiness


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Even though it might not come to mind immediately, guys who love to work out are incredibly sexy. However, there are two kinds of guys as far as this is concerned. The first group consists of ones who keep pumping their muscles to infinity, and those we don’t regularly regard as sexy, but rather ridiculous to some extent. However, it’s the ones who know the right ratio between working out and knowing their body that we notice the most. For example, runners are very sexy – they are not extremely buff, yet they are very handsome and pay attention to their bodies, which is definitely something we like.

Of course, there are other things that we can put on this list, such as teeth, smile and kindness, but then the list would have been endless. These are the 5 things that really make any guy sexier. Imagine a guy having all 5 of these! If you happen to know someone, give them a call at once – friendzoning is not for them!