5 Things All Fit Guys Have in Common by Peter Minkoff


Exercising is not necessarily a hobby anymore. If you start exercising and hitting the gym regularly, fitness can quickly become a lifestyle. A healthy diet, appropriate equipment and avoiding eating or drinking things that are bad for your body are just some of the things that are on the list of every fitness-obsessed guy. However, if you’re staying active and breaking some sweat at the gym but still don’t see the wanted results, there is a high possibility you’re not taking it as seriously as all the others. Take a look at how you can achieve more while exercising – we analysed what all fit guys have in common so that you won’t have to:

They enjoy exercising


Probably the most important thing if you want to succeed in being fit and sporty is to like exercising, as it is quite difficult to stay in shape if you don’t enjoy going to the gym. However, according to Huffington Post, a lot of fit people understand that, so they try to find a way to enjoy the actual exercising. Whether it will be by purchasing new equipment that will make you hit the gym and work out so that you can show it off, or simply going in order to tick it off your to-do list is up to you, but exercising can be also seen as a form of stress reliever. So if you really want to stay fit, stop with the excuses and try to find a way to make yourself go and lift those weights.

They prioritize health


When it comes to exercising regularly, fit guys do not let work, family, relationships or any other thing get in between them and the workout; they orgnize their day very carefully. Moreover, they do spend a lot of time thinking about the healthy lifestyle they are currently living. First of all, they tend to sleep 8 hours a night, since that is of crucial importance for the shape and the state of your body. Sleep is critical for a strong immune system, anti-aging and metabolism. Moreover, suffice it to say that they quit smoking and change all their life habits that are not healthy.

They eat healthily


So how does one make his diet healthy? The fittest people out there know what, and most importantly, when to eat. First of all, they eat protein for every meal. Chicken breasts, fish or soybeans are just some of the things you can find in the kitchen of a fit guy. Regular consuption of protein is very important for building a strong musculature. However, even though protein intake is important, they also eat whole carbs and unprocessed foods. Bottomline: if you want to become one of the fittest guys in your gym, say goodbye to fast food and embrace a whole new dietary plan that includes a lot of protein and vegetables.

They invest in equipment

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Having appropriate equipment for exercising is also very advisable. Since fit guys regard exercising as a lifestyle, it’s only natural that they invest in gym accessories and high-quality fitness clothing – the most recent trend definitely being compression clothing. This type of clothing will let you see all the muscles as they are – while you’re working out, you’ll precisely see what muscles are working out and which ones are idle. Moreover, investing in a good water bottle, backpacks and training belts is also very popular nowadays – if you’re a fitness fanatic, there’s not way you can enter the gym wearing whatever you come across.

They stay active and positive outside the gym


Exercising at the gym is not the only form of being active that fit guys embrace. It is very important to stay active outside the gym as well. If your office is on the fifth floor, for example, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or try to walk instead of taking a cab or a bus. If your work dictates a lot of sitting, try to move as much as possible, since sitting for a long time is not good for your muscles. Finally, take a lot of active vacations during which you will be hiking, biking or trekking a lot.

To sum up, it’s not that difficult to be the fittest guy in your group, but it needs devotion and it takes time. You have to be 100% determined to succeed in this if you want to be like the fittest boys you know.