5 Suit Colors for A Man’s Closet by Helen Bradford

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One of the classic mistakes that men often make is believing that a color is a metric that needs to be dealt with independently, regardless of style or occasion. After all, if you like the shoe in black, you should just get the same one in brown, right? Of course, not. You see, a change in color changes everything, which means that when diversifying the pallet of your closet, you also need to take a closer look at its nature. In other words, here are five suit colors that every man should have in their wardrobe, even those who consider such move as a luxury or an overkill.

Navy blue

Navy blue is not just another dark blue, it’s a completely different nuance, a midnight blue that is considered by many to be the male equivalent of a little black dress. In other words, it’s something that gets worn on semi-casual occasions and, based on pattern, may have a much wider applicability. Patterned suits are a bit more formal so if you’re going for a single navy blue suit, it’s more cost effective to go with an unbroken solid navy blue. This is a go-to suit that you can wear to a business meeting but also turn to for a more solemn occasion.

True blue

We now come to our next blue choice, the true blue, which, although less ‘standard’, does offer a great customization option. Sure, a number of occasions where you get to wear true blue may not be that great, but there are so many ways of combining pieces of your true blue outfit. For instance, a true blue jacket goes great even in a combination with something as common and casual as a pair of jeans.

Black suit

Unlike navy blue, a black suit doesn’t share the same occasion versatility. In other words, it’s an incredibly formal attire only to be worn on the most important of events. This makes you in a kind of an odd spot. On the one hand, getting five suits for your wardrobe is an expensive notion, yet, if you are going to do so, you have to assign priorities.
Your black suit may not be the one you’re about to use the most. Let’s be honest, how many black tie events you get to attend annually? Still, the importance of these events by far overshadows their frequency. Therefore, if you were ever to get a custom suit, now’s your chance. Nevertheless, this isn’t nearly as expensive, which is something you can find out as soon as you start exploring a variety of custom suits Sydney has to offer you.

Grey suit

The greatest problem with picking the right black suit is that there are so many shades to pick from, that it gets incredibly difficult. For instance, you have a light grey that’s laid back and incredibly casual but requires much more difficult maintenance. Mid-grey is more versatile and encompasses more or less the greatest variety of situations and events, which means that it’s a go-to choice for those who don’t plan to expand the number of their grey suits later on. Finally, you have a dark grey that gives you that refined, elegant look. This, more or less, gives you all the privileges of mid-grey, with the ability to additionally stand out.

White suit

At the very end, we come to the color that’s a bit controversial, yet, not necessarily that outlandish for a male suit of choice. Some events and parties are themed as black and white, which means that most men in attendance are going for the first. You, on the other hand, can go for the latter and by doing so in a full suit instead of a t-shirt, you get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stand out.


At the end of the day, the above listed five is the bare minimum, although you aren’t obliged to get them all at once. After all, your white suit can wait a bit, and for some of the other choices, you can always go with a rental. Nevertheless, in the long-term, you might want to look beyond one event when planning your wardrobe.