5 Signs You’re Dating a Hipster by Peter Minkoff

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Oh, hipsters. What can we say about them? We love them and dislike them at the same time. We’re generally not hipsters but secretly, sometimes, we would love to be a part of that society (it does sometimes look like it’s a secret society, doesn’t it?) However, perhaps the most bizarre thing about hipsters is that they never (underline this “never”) admit they belong to this group. So, basically, we might as well be dating one and not be aware of it, mostly because of the fact that they are silent about this, keeping us in away from the truth! Just kidding – we love hipsters and their aesthetics, but if you’re not sure if you’re dating one, take a look at the list below. If your guy does anything from this list – change your Facebook relationship status to “In a relationship with a hipster”:

You can’t find space for a perfume bottle on the shelves because of his beard products
Let’s ask the obvious first – does he grow facial hair? Even though not everyone who grows facial hair is considered a hipster, the chances of him being one are very high. Apart from the numerous beard products on his bathroom stall (such as the beard oil, beard comb and a beard shampoo – yes, a beard shampoo), there are other things that you might look for in order to give you the complete answer. Plaid shirts! If he owns at least four plaid shirts, then you’re definitely dating a hipster.

You don’t know the band he’s playing when you’re alone


There surely are songs we’re not familiar with, but, honestly, you do know all the important musicians of the decade, don’t you? So, the next time you hear a song that’s totally unfamiliar to you (especially if it sounds as if the band made the song in their basement using a radio, a microphone and a guitar), ask him about the band. If the name doesn’t sound familiar (and has a super weird name) – yes. Hipster. Check. Or simply ask him about a very popular music artist. “Hey, let’s play some Rihanna!”. If he says no and starts on about how mainstream she is, then you don’t need any more evidence.

You realize you’re not using a cab that much while with him
Are you constantly taking the bicycle to get to the local pub and have craft beer? If yes, consider yourself a hipster-dater. However, even though hipsters simply adore their bicycles, there’s another thing that is extremely common now – the mini cruiser that more and more hipsters enjoy using for transportation. On the plus side, they really look super cute, and they come in many patterns and colors.

You wake up early in the morning to go to the farmer’s market instead of going to the supermarket


Did you ever have to get up early in the morning, take one of the environmentally friendly bags and hit the green market with your boyfriend, even though you have a supermarket just around the corner? That’s another proof you’re dating a hipster. However, those have its perks. First of all, you get to wake up early enough and start the day in the best way possible, and eat only healthy and organic food. Not only will your hipster boyfriend be thankful for this, but your body as well.

You have antlers on your bedroom wall instead of a nice painting
Of course, we’re not talking about real antlers, thank God, since hipsters tend to be very green and care about the environment and animals. But if you happen to see fake antlers or paper animal heads hanging on the walls of your bedroom or living room, you should know you’re definitely dating a hipster. But let’s be honest – this is a very original and unique idea, so bring it on!

Even though there are many, many more signs you’re dating a hipster, let’s stop here as these are the most important and you get the whole picture. But don’t judge. Each one of us belongs to a certain group of people – maybe there’s an article out there that will tell your boyfriend about the group of people you belong to!