5 Reasons Why Every Guy Should Visit Hong Kong by Peter Minkoff

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Visiting Hong Kong is one of the best experiences in the world, no matter how adventurous and outgoing you are! The culture, the food, the music, the people and the architecture – it all blends into one giant experience you simply have to try out at least once in your lifetime. And if you’re a guy, things can get even more exciting as Hong Kong is among the most inspiring and thrilling places for every man out there. If you’re still unsure why that’s the case, here are five reasons to head there as soon as possible.

The hiking
This might not have been your first guess, but Hong Kong is quite famous for its numerous hiking trails and basically a paradise on Earth for every hiking aficionado. Even if you’re not a fan of walking up and down a hill, you should still book a hiking tour around the city and see it from a completely new angle. Keep in mind that hiking is beneficial for your body and mind on a number of levels, and being able to enjoy such amazing paths is a once-in-a-lifetime experience regardless of your age and agility.

The food

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Whether you’re a fan of traditional Asian cuisine or prefer experimenting with your meals, Hong Kong is the place to check out the amazing food offer. Take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey through all those roast geese, beef briskets, dim sums, noodle soups and other interesting dishes. Moreover, be sure to check out the street food scene as well and you’re surely going to find a few culinary hidden gems there too.

The spa experience
This is one of the top reasons why men visit Hong Kong – a memorable spa experience, a courtesy of a long and respectable tradition of Oriental relaxation methods is something you’ll find nowhere else in the world. However, with so many spa centers all across this huge metropolitan area, you need to pick the spots where you can get the treatment you’re looking for. That’s why you should use a reliable Mind Beauty app that helps locate the spa center in your wanted area and book your appointment in just a few seconds.

The shopping

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Although Hong Kong isn’t as famous in the world of high fashion as Milan, Paris or New York, it still has lots of treats for all those fashion-aware men out there who are looking for the newest collections. So, if you too just love dressing in accordance with the latest trends and are always on the lookout for new shoes, shirts, jackets and pants, this is a destination you simply must visit. The number of shopping malls is larger than you could’ve ever imagined, and you’ll certainly find one near your hotel – just walk down the street and at least one large flagship store will appear right before your eyes soon enough.

The sights
In the end, this is what Hong Kong is all about: unusual places, extravagant buildings, fascinating architecture and tourist destinations that are different from anything else you might have seen in your life. The only bad thing about this idea is the number of places you need to see around there – luckily, there’s enough to go around and you’ll probably going to want to return to Hong Kong anyway. From temples and parks to markets and squares, this city has something for everyone, so making a list in advance and knowing exactly what’s on your agenda every single day is always a good idea.

Of course, these aren’t the only reasons why you need to visit Hong Kong right now but they are the ones that appeal to the majority of potential tourists. Apart from these five, a real man should also take amusement parks, affordable accommodation, religious experience, fast public transport and the stunning islands just an hour away from the city into close consideration when picking his holiday destination this year. Also, don’t forget to take as many photos as you can so that you can make a slideshow for all your friends once you get back home and thus inspire and encourage some of them to visit Hong Kong in the near future, as well!