5 Reasons Why Australian Men Are So Damn Hot by Peter Minkoff


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about the Down Under? Is it the barren centre of the island? The blue ocean that is basically every Aussie’s backyard? Or perhaps the fact that every single person in the country is so disturbingly hot? Yes, the last one. So, what is it about Australian men that we can’t keep our eyes off of them?

G’day Mate!


One of the most important characteristics of Aussie men, and by far, one of the sexiest, is their dreamy accent. According to a survey that was conducted by the popular dating agency MissTravel, over more than 2000 men and women in the USA and UK think that the Australian accent is the sexiest of them all. Moreover, it is so interesting to hear them talk so freely about thongs (flip flops y’all!). Imagine any of the Hemsworth brothers coming up to you and greeting you with the excessive use of the word “mate” – who wouldn’t faint of sexiness overdose? Fair dinkum! (google the slang phrase for full effect)

Work hard, play hard


Aussies are considered as one of the most hard-working nations in the world, and how sexy is it when someone likes to work, right? Choosing an Australian means choosing a man with motivation since a very, very small percentage of the population doesn’t care about their career. Can we just sit and fantasize for a moment about Australians in suits coming home after work? Be that as it may, they also adore partying. They enjoy beer, drinks and BBQ parties. It is a modern custom to go after work and relax somewhere over a glass or two of their favourite alcoholic drinks, which definitely means they’re not tired after a long day at work (and you know what that means!). If they can work hard and play hard, we wonder what else they can do hard!

Adventurous is the adjective


Perhaps they have the feeling of being cut out from the rest of the world due to the position of their country, but Australian people just love travelling, visiting new places and embracing adventures. It’s no wonder why a large number of young people choose to take a year off before starting college in order to travel to other countries and meet new cultures. This open-mindedness is, we have to admit, incredibly sexy, and it’s definitely not a boring option spending your time with an Australian man travelling. The only problem is that there’s a high chance that by the second date with your new Aussie crush, he will have gone to London or Paris for the week!

The whole package


Roughly between 80% and 90% of Australian people live within the radius of 31 miles from the coast, so it’s no surprise that ocean is a way of life in Australia. If you’re into surfers – great, since surfing is regarded as one of the national sports in the Land Down Under. If you add the blue eyes, blonde hair and golden tan, you’ll most certainly (as you’re probably now) start daydreaming about having the perfect Australian partner with the whole package. They don’t enjoy only surfing, though. So, if you ever find yourself there, browse the stores and buy the sexiest gym wear in Australia before hitting the gym. We promise – you’ll see wonders there. Can we put this down as the 8th world wonder?

Ideal boyfriends

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OK, yes, based on all the things mentioned, they look like ideal boyfriends, but what about their attitude towards relationships? Despite the fact that they love drinking and partying, a survey conducted with more than 40.000 Australian men revealed that they are in the top three most faithful nationalities in the world. What a perfect nation!

If you ever land with an Australian partner, congratulations, and know that we are deeply, deeply jealous and envious of you. Not only will you have the drop-dead gorgeous body, the mesmerizing glance and perfect smile, you’ll also have a great, caring boyfriend that you always wanted. And can you tell us now that you think another nation is sexier than this one?