5 Reasons Every Single Guy Should Visit NYC by Peter Minkoff

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New York has long held the mythical position of the greatest city on Earth, where life happens under different rules than elsewhere. A hive of human existence, this metropolis has been a place of many pilgrimages, with a constant torrent of more than 60 million tourists that visit it every year. These are some incredible numbers, but with the variety it offers and its rich cultural life and dating scene it is no wonder that people like to come to the Big Apple.

The odds are in your favor

Even if you spend some time number crunching (and yes, people have done exactly that) to prove it otherwise, the ladies of New York seem to be sticking to the idea that “there just aren’t enough single men in this city”. Which, from the perspective of a single guy, should be just the thing you would like to hear. It’s just how it is in economy – the rarer something is, the more valuable it is, i.e. its price rises. Of course, just like in economy, the demand can be artificially created, but it doesn’t seem like the boys will be trying to challenge the myth that gives them advantage.

Awesome places for awesome people

The sheer amount of humanity that resides in NYC is exactly the reason why it is such a great place. Whatever your occupation or walk of life, the likelihood is high that you will meet someone who shares your interests. If you’re into books, Barnes and Noble is always a great choice to hang out and meet not only cool single ladies, but also celebrity authors. If you’re looking for something off the beaten path, perhaps looking to meet an edgier, artsy person, check out the KGB Bar with their eclectic offer of cultural events, from readings to writer workshops to music.

Tired of all the same?

Now, you may have taken a bus from Montreal to New York or you might have been living here all your lives, the important thing is that you can always change it up. The neighborhoods of New York cover a significant range of characters and locations to meet new people. As one of the locals says after moving to Williamsburg, Brooklyn: “I would say 75 percent of the people are people you’d swipe right on. Living here has literally been like a live dating app.” It would appear that even here it’s all about location.

There is no knowledge that is not power

If you have been planning to get some studies going, congratulation – there is not a lot of places where one can meet that many young women. New York has two city universities, New School and NYU, which offer a huge number of classes and certificate programs. There is an option for evening classes and the schedules are flexible enough to accommodate you if you have to work around a schedule. On the other hand, you can check out New York Open Center, which is a non-profit organization providing various classes and programs, as well as short intensive courses or lectures, coming up to 25,000 free programs all around the city.

Feeling up to invite-only?

Having in mind all the above ideas and options, between the dating scene and the dating apps, perhaps you would be more interested in a more exclusive club? Social Concierge is the invite-only dating club that originated in London, however, it has arrived to New York as well. What it offers is a membership in a network that operates on an invite-only principle, with parties and drink nights for members only. Generally, these are people in their 20s and 30s looking to mingle with eligible peers. Oh, and the club requires you to be accepted by their team – so there is some kind of “quality control” involved. Membership is not guaranteed!