5 Guy Trips That Will Change Your Life by Peter Minkoff

Guy trips are a great way to bond with your friends. Planning a mancation can be stressful if every guy in the group has a different vision on what an ideal trip is. Some might like shopping sprees, others might prefer chilling on a beach during the day and clubbing during the night. Before you all decide to book your plane tickets and get a party bus from limofind.com, it’s important to make a mutual decision on where you’d like to go. Instead of trying to find the perfect destinations, here are some ideas on how to have an unforgettable trip with your best friends:

1. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

This one is super known for wild bachelor parties, but even if none of you plan to get hitched soon, you can still have plenty of fun in Amsterdam. Aside from the notorious red-light district, you can also go to a canal boat tour, visit many museums, eat food from all around the world and even go to a coffee shop if you like that kind of stuff. Amsterdam is known for its clean streets and eco-conscious culture, so it’s not uncommon to see empty buses and trams as people really do prefer to cycle everywhere. The city itself is very diverse when it comes to races, nationalities and ethnic groups.

2. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is known for beer, beer and more beer. This beverage is actually cheaper than coffee, and if you’re ever there, you mustn’t fail to visit at least one brewery, since that’s the best way to experience the unique beer culture of this city. Aside from breweries, you can also enjoy a beer in a wide variety of local dive bars. If you’re less into drinking, there are many castles and other various tourist landmarks to visit and explore, such as the Old Town Square or The Jewish Quarter. When it comes to food, you should definitely try grilled sausages for the main course and the Czech version of pancakes, palačinky for dessert!

3. A road trip through Australia

Australia is so far away that it’s deservedly known as Down Under. If you can handle a long flight to Australia, you will be rewarded by beautiful landmarks, great beaches and vibrant cities, most notably Sydney and Melbourne. Still, the best way to learn about Australia is to plan a road trip through the country. If you’re unsure about the itinerary itself, you can start driving The Great Ocean Road, which starts close to Melbourne and ends in Warrnambool. Also, when it comes to renting a car for the trip, you need to be careful to find a reliable company such as Avis car hire so that you’ll have a smooth and carefree trip.

4. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

It’s pretty certain that this one doesn’t need much explanation, but for those living under a rock — it’s Vegas! If you’re a single man with some money to splash, there’s no better destination than this place. Casinos, cocktail bars, luxurious hotels and great party hotspot — what’s not to like? Even if you’re not into partying and gambling, in Vegas, there’s a huge chance that you’ll still find something to do, like drive a Lamborghini on a race track, for example. Besides, there are many concerts and EDM parties, so be sure not to miss your favorite singer or a DJ while you’re there!

5. Montreal, Canada

If you feel like experiencing a French vibe, then Montreal is the right place for you. You can even practice your French if you feel like it, but let’s be honest, there are much more interesting things to do, like visiting Old Montreal, going to many charming restaurants with great food or hitting some of the best bars and nightclubs that you’ll ever see. If you consider yourself a foodie, you can also grab a bagel at Saint-Viateur or get some ice cream at Ripples. For all the music lovers, there are plenty of live music venues and nightclubs so finding the right place won’t be hard!

These are some suggestions on how to have a memorable guy trip. Of course, you can choose another destination, but wherever you go, make sure you experience the local culture and cuisine because you’ll never know when you’ll be back. Also, remember to be polite to the locals and if possible, treat yourself and your loved ones with a cute souvenir.