5 Fall Fitness Tips For Men by Peter Minkoff

Isn’t it easy to work out in summer when it’s warm, sunny, when daytime lasts longer and everyone’s motivated to keep that summer body? Working out in fall seems to be much more difficult due to a few reasons. Daytime is shorter, it rains a lot, it gets windy, cold, we generally move less and we don’t show off our body as much as we do during summer; why would anyone work out then? There’s more to working out than just staying fit, especially in fall when it helps you stay healthy and fight the flu. It also helps you set and stick to your routine, and improves your mood. Below are five tips that will help you start working out and stay consistent throughout this fall.

Change your routine

A lot of people stop going to the gym around this season. Even though they’re pretty much empty, you shouldn’t just charge in there, and miss on many things waiting for you outside. Fall is the perfect season to start your days early, and go out jogging, walking, or bicycling. The important thing is to start easy, you can work out at home first, or go for swims, and then slowly get into your outdoor routine and fix it with gym sessions. This is the season when you should try some new things, even more so if you can do them with a group of people, like yoga and tai chi.

Dress properly

Working out in nature is all fun and soothing, but it can get pretty bad if you get sick in the process. The important thing you have to consider when working out in cold weather is how you dress. To keep your body warm and protect it from the outdoor elements like wind and rain, you should layer-up, as you trap the warm air that way. Also, say no to cotton, and go with synthetic fibers. Cotton does absorb sweat, but it doesn’t pull it away from the skin, meaning you still end up wet. This is why you should use compression fabrics, as they keep you cool and dry, and they help your body with thermoregulation. Also, don’t forget to remove the layers as you warm up, as you get vulnerable to the cold when you sweat and then get chilly.

Warm-up and cool-down

It’s really important to warm-up before any exercise, as it increases your heart rate, meaning also your blood flow, which lets more oxygen into your muscles. The temperature and flexibility of your muscles increase that way, which helps you be more efficient and safe during your workout. If you stop suddenly, you can get light-headed or feel sick, as your heart rate is much faster than it normally is and your blood vessels are dilated. You have to gradually slow your breathing and heart rate, and also stretch your muscles.

Incorporate fall diet

Whenever you work out, you have to replenish what you lose through a healthy diet, and also let your muscles grow back that way. Especially important is what you eat after your workout, so you could recover as quickly as possible. ATP Science post workout supplements are a great helping hand in recovering, as they replenish your energy, increase muscle size, and repair the damage caused by the workout. Also, seize the chance to enjoy the food this season has to offer. Make some pumpkin pies and stock your body on vitamins C and E, fiber, iron, and carotenoids. Don’t miss on pecans either, as they’re full of zinc, magnesium, vitamin 6, and folic acid. Your diet is as important as working out and resting is, so don’t neglect it.

Drink water and protect your skin

We usually don’t notice when we get dehydrated during fall and winter, as we don’t sweat as we do in summer, and our thirst diminishes a bit in cold weather. Nevertheless, our body still loses moisture and it shouldn’t be ignored. Dry air from central heating and air-conditioning makes our skin crack when we go outside in the cold. This is why drinking water is essential at all times, as it keeps our skin cells hydrated, which reduces the risk of cracking and peeling.

It is difficult to set your routine in stone, but once you do, you’ll secure a number of benefits for your body. From a fit and nice-looking body to a stronger immune system and a healthier lifestyle. If you need some motivation, try inviting a friend – it’s always better and easier if you have some company.