5 Everyday Activities That Will Make You a Hotter Man by Peter Minkoff

Technology has come so far that not only can we buy robotic gadgets that will help us around the house but also get lab-grown penises if we’re not satisfied with the size of our little friend. But, what about good looks? Apart from plastic surgery, are there any other ways that we can make ourselves hotter? Definitely, yes.

But on the other hand, is it only physical appearance that makes a guy hot or not? It’s surely the most obvious. Take a look at these 5 everyday activities that you can practice in order to become a way hotter guy than you are (and we’re not saying you’re not):

Clothes make a man

As far as clothes are concerned, perhaps it would be best to determine your style for starters, as it doesn’t do to mix formal, casual, sporty and hipster clothing all together. Each one of us has a unique style, so making sure to have your own signature style is what matter the most.

However, whichever you opt for, know that smart clothing should be imperative in your wardrobe. Nothing makes a guy hotter than wearing a good, well-fitted suit that looks so good on him. Once you choose to incorporate this style, bear in mind that you have to find a tailored suit, because if you choose the one that looks baggy or doesn’t fit you well, you’ll definitely end up in the “less hot” category. Of course, you should also know when to wear formal clothing as cups of coffee at a local bar while wearing an expensive suit is a big no-no.

Work those guns

Another daily activity that you should incorporate into your life is definitely exercising. Everyone loves a guy who pays attention to his physique, so why shouldn’t you? If you’re a newbie in this department, then hitting the gym and finding a great fitness trainer who will help you get the gist of exercising should be your first step. He will tell you what exercises you should be doing depending on your body goals, determine your meal plan and other relevant things. On the other hand, if you are a sporty person just making a break from exercising, this is your wake-up call. Go back asap!

Have good skin

Every (and underline this “every” because it’s important) guy should pay attention to their skin and have their own skincare routine. If you’re not one of those – we’ll not tell – but make sure to change this as soon as possible. Get yourself good cleansers and moisturizers and find good skincare routines online that you can follow. If you’re a beardsman, this is even more important as you simply have to take care of your face skin and your facial hair (in this case you will also have to have a routine for maintaining your beard).

Move like Jagger

This might not be a daily activity, but then again – why the hell not? Guys who dance are extremely hot to everyone, so every time you hear music, make those buttocks dance a bit. We’re not talking about enrolling in dance classes for beginners (unless that is what you want), but whenever you’re at home and you have some music playing in the background, let yourself go and be natural. We all love to dance. It’s inside all of us.

Walk your dog

Finally, here’s an activity that is not connected to your physical appearance but rather to your inner qualities. Having a dog is a great magnet for people, and if they see a guy alone in the street walking his dog and looking after him, you’ll probably land more phone numbers than by going to the club. According to a French study, a guy with a dog is likely to be given digits three times more than a guy who’s simply walking alone. Bottom line – if you don’t have a dog, go get one!

After all, the most important thing is that you’re confident, as confidence shows and attracts people. Also, use these tips we provided you with just to make yourself a notch hotter. Good luck!