5 Amazingly Useful Tips for Vacationing with a Big Group of Friends by Mike Johnston

Whether you and your friends need some time to blow off steam and stay away from anything work- or family-related, or you’re simply tired of local clubs and pubs and you want to party somewhere else for a change, taking a trip as a group may be the best solution. However, when you have a company of men, each with their own opinions and ideas, it can be difficult to actually agree on most things and make any definite arrangements. You’ll need plenty of patience and even more flexibility, which is why you should take a look at these five valuable tips to make things a bit easier on you guys.

Choose the destination wisely

Going away with your friends might become somewhat complicated once you realize that not all of you have the same notion of where you should go and what your vacation should be like. That’s why it’s important to meet in the middle and find a destination which will be acceptable for every member of the group. If half of you want to go to the beach, and the other half prefers skiing, you may think that there’s no way for you to make it work. In such cases, you should focus on other aspects of your vacation.

If you all want to party, look for places with a lot of clubs and bars, and if you want to go sightseeing, opt for a big city or a historical place. However, it’s likely that your preferences won’t differ that much, and you may simply find a destination where some of you can chill or hit the bars, while others try some extreme sports or simply go hiking.

Consider your accommodation options

A good hotel or a resort may be a good option for your group, since they often offer different activities you can enjoy, and they have restaurants which cater to everybody’s taste. If that sounds too expensive, you can always rent a house. This could save you some money, but it also means that you’ll get to spend more time together, since you won’t really be able to go to your hotel room and expect not to be disturbed for as long as you want. Some people purchase timeshare properties long before their planned trip to a specific location which could also be an option for you. If you no longer need it, you always have the option to sell your time shares.

You can now find different websites and even apps where you can compare houses and prices until you find what suits you best. Just make sure you either bring all the groceries you’ll need with you, or that you order them to arrive at the desired address at about the same time as you, so that you have drinks and snacks available as soon as you’re there.

Figure out how to get there

If you’re going overseas on vacation, you’re probably going to fly. However, if your destination of choice isn’t that far away, you may opt for driving there. A road trip can turn into an adventure of its own, especially in such countries as Australia or New Zealand, with breathtaking scenery you can revel in along the way. Furthermore, this can provide you with a great start of an insanely fun trip.
And since it’s highly unlikely that one of you owns a vehicle big enough for the whole group, there are some great options for truck rental in Auckland, where you can rent passenger vans for up to twelve people. That way you’ll know you have a quality vehicle at your disposal and that you can drive out to out some of the more interesting locations around the destination you’ve picked.

Democracy is a savior

When you’re planning a group vacation, there is a high chance that somebody will be unhappy or unsatisfied, no matter what you do. That’s why you should implement some basic rules of agreement. Everyone should choose one activity they don’t want to miss and then you can all vote on that. With some good organization skills, you may end up doing everything on that list, but if not, you should also consider dividing the group into two or three smaller ones, so that everybody gets to do what they want to, while avoiding activities they find boring or stressful.

Don’t overdo it

Planning every moment of your vacation may appear like a good way to keep everything in order, but it’s impossible to plan everything. No matter who you’re traveling with, somebody will want some down time, while others will want to do something more intense. And that’s fine. It can all be accomplished by choosing one bigger activity or an outing for every day you’re there, and having the rest of the time free for relaxation or doing something less demanding.

Also, when it comes to overdoing things, don’t push yourself too hard with booze and partying. Just because you’re on vacation, it doesn’t mean you’re required to be wasted every single night or that you should party till morning and then feel sick the following day. Moderation is the key to life, so only do what makes you feel comfortable and good, without putting too much pressure on yourself or the guys you’re with.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, right? So, take that vacation and have a blast. You deserve it.

About the author:

Mike Johnston is an avid freelance writer and blogger. He is a regular contributor to numerous blogs and online magazines, where he writes about home improvement (his specialty!), interior design, family life, travel, green living and many other topics. Mike’s goal is to create interesting and compelling content and then share it with the online community.