4funkyflavours’ Spring Summer collection: ANIMALS

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This summer the Animals will be taking over! Don’t miss it and join the fun! 4funkyavours’ SpringSummer collection 2018 inspired by the unique characteristics of the life around us and named the Animals, will be available in stores and online this February. The collection is divided into four classes of animals, namely, Reptiles and Amphibians, Fish, Birds and Mammals.

Unique prints, bright colours and a hint of wild dreams. The collection invites you to discover your inner animal and show it to the world. Are you the courageous, independent cat ready to explore? Maybe you are the wise owl that can view the world from above. Feeling a bit more fearless and want to join the reptiles and amphibians or is water where you feel like home? Animals diversity has something for everyone.

Let your erce spirit be free this summer and join the jungle!