3 Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System Every Day by Paisley Hansen


Staying healthy is the most important part of living life to the fullest. The key to maintaining optimal health is the immune system. There are multiple things you can do to strengthen your immune system in order to maintain your health, fight off harmful germs and get the most out of your life.

1. Get the Nutrients You Need

One huge factor in strengthening your immune system is to take in a healthy balance of necessary nutrients on a daily basis. Start by eating substantial amounts of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Eating the right foods will allow your body to get the nutrition it needs to function properly and fight off illness.

To be sure you are getting an adequate amount of nutrients, it is wise to consider taking vitamins and supplements, especially if you are not sure you have a perfectly balanced diet. You may try a supplement blend such as red superfood powder made from herbs, fruits, and vegetables that will give you a boost of energy while also giving your immune system precisely what it needs to keep you healthy. For any vitamin or supplement you take, make sure to follow the directions and avoid taking more than your body actually needs; taking too much of anything can actually cause more harm than good.

2. Commit to Healthy Behaviors

In addition to ingesting beneficial nutrients, there are many behaviors you can do to optimize your immune system. Exercise is hugely important, not just for maintaining a healthy weight and building muscles, but also for strengthening the immune system. Experts believe that consistent exercise increases the body’s ability to fight infection by flushing toxins and activating the immune system. Some high-intensity exercises are beneficial, but always be sure to allow adequate recovery in order to maximize health benefits.

Another huge immune booster that many people tend to overlook is sleeping. Getting enough sleep is extremely beneficial to your body and will allow your immune system to function properly. Without adequate sleep, your immune system’s ability to fight infection actually decreases. To help yourself get a good night’s sleep, set a consistent bedtime that will allow you to get the recommended minimum of 7 hours of sleep; also make a point to turn off lights, TV, your cellphone and other distractions so your mind can truly relax.

To further protect your immune system, do everything possible to limit your risk of infection. Wash hands frequently for at least 20 seconds in order to ensure that all germs are gone. Avoid eating undercooked meats and foods such as raw eggs and oysters, which have a higher likelihood of containing harmful bacteria. Make sure you are up-to-date on all vaccines, including the annual flu vaccine, to avoid common illnesses that can take a toll on your immune system. Also, if you are prescribed antibiotics, always take the entire prescription so that bacteria are not able to build resistance and create more illness.

3. Avoid Sabotaging Your Health

While there are many behaviors that can help your body and support immunity, there are also certain behaviors that can have a negative effect on your immune system and should therefore be avoided. Alcohol should be used only occasionally, if at all, while tobacco and other drugs should be avoided altogether.  Harsh substances such as alcohol and drugs weaken various organs and can make you much more prone to infection because they often limit your immune system’s functionality.

An additional way to protect your immunity is to avoid or limit stress. Stress forces your body to work harder and this can cause fatigue and weakness. If you know you are prone to stress, it is wise to find ways to alleviate it. It is especially beneficial to regularly make time for relaxation and enjoyable activities that allow you to put all stressors aside.

Your immune system is crucial to your health and is the key to longevity. By practicing positive behaviors and eliminating detrimental habits, you will equip your body to fight infection so you can feel your best for years to come.